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Colorful clutter

Just like a bowl of bright-colored Jelly Belly candy, I seem to look cheerful on the outside.  But lately, I have been a combustion of different moods probably because I have so much clutter in my head.  It’s times like these that I love grabbing a handful of jelly beans.  You just never know what flavor you will sweetly savor in your mouth.  I hope to soon sort and organize all my thoughts so I won’t feel like a bowl of jelly beans. Check out the other blogs participating in Bastet’s Pixelventures prompt –  MOODS.

El Castillo San Carlos

During my Rotary International Group Study Exchange (GSE) to Uruguay and Argentina, one of the stops was to the beautiful Concordia, Argentina.  Our host family, the Di Lauro’s, showed me and one of my fellow GSE member all the neat spots in the short amount of time we were visiting.  One of my favorite stops was to el Castillo San Carlos. Nothing to shabby about this once magnificent home built in 1888 by Count Eduardo De Machy of France.  When I visited this abandoned estate, anyone could walk in and if inspired, climb up to the top floors without anyone disrupting them in mid exploration.  However, in 2013 with sheer delight, el Castillo San Carlos was once again restored and made viewable to visitors but under a watchful eye. Just walking around the property of the estate one is in awe by the beautiful surroundings and views.  It is easily understood why Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, aviator and writer, who frequented el Castillo San Carlos was inspired to write a chapter for one of his books “Land of …

Spring is in the air

Living in Hawai’i, it is difficult to differentiate between the seasons.  However, in beautiful Kamuela, there are lovely Cherry Blossom trees lined up near “Church Row“.  These magnificent trees are now in bloom and we know its a sign of Spring.  It’s quite lovely to see the vibrant pink flowers contrast with the deep blues of the sky. In Hilo, we know Spring is approaching when the entire town is getting ready for the sold-out Merrie Monarch Festival.  This hula festival kicks off on Easter Sunday.  MM also means CRAFT FAIRS.  I love browsing through all the items sold at the craft fairs representing local artists as well as international artisans. I am excited that Spring is here which also means that Summer is fast approaching. Check out the other blogs participating in Bastet’s Pixelventures this week:

Whimsical Trance

A friend got me hooked to listening to SomaFM.  I love their online radio station.  They are based in SFO, and have a variety of channels.  The one I have been listening to for the past few weeks is Suburbs of Goa: Desi-influenced Asian world beats and beyond.  After one of their trance like songs, I took a walk outside and started to stare at the clouds swirling in the bright blue sky over Hilo.  This is the photo that I captured from that afternoon walk. Check out the other blogs participating in BASTET’S PIXELVENTURES this week:

Wind: Weekly Photo Challenge

For Day 8 of #NaBloPoMo, I decided to try WDBWP Weekly Photo Challenge of capturing WIND.  This photo was taken at the Pride Festival in Hilo, Hawai’i.  During the parade, I was fascinated at how this huge flag was flapping in the air.    It was a gorgeous day and the blue sky was a great backdrop.