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Happy birthday, everyday, in 2016!

On my trip to Taiwan last summer, we visited Sio House, a salt museum in Anping, Tainan. I’ve always fostered an appreciation for salt. As a native of Kauaʻi, where one of our prized cultural items is the precious paʻakai made in Hanapēpē, I was excited about this stop. After going through the salt purification station outside, I stepped over the threshold and was greeted by a display of little circular bowls containing colored salts. The bowls represented the 366 days of the year, and I was taken by their vibrant colors. I sincerely wish you wonderful birthdays ahead, everyday, in 2016. … in response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Circle  

Pedi-cure Therapy

SITS Day 24: If you are a parent, how do you make time for yourself? Towards the final days of my pregnancy, one of my friends told me to enjoy each day to the fullest.  Some suggestions were to go chill at the beach or go out on a date with my partner or treat myself to a spa day.  I recall questioning her on these suggestions, as I thought it was ludicrous.  Why would I need to take some free time for myself when there was so much I had to do to prepare for the birth of my baby? I also felt guilty as all of my friends did a lot to help me get ready for the baby’s arrival, too.  I already felt like I was being pampered. Well, fast forward to one-year, and now I totally get what my friend was trying to convey to me.  The days go by with a blur and my entire day is focused on one little being.  I love my baby, but at times I just …

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Orange

One of my favorite colors is ORANGE!  Especially during a sunset.  During my visit to Rapa Nui, I had an opportunity to witness six sunsets.  I captured one of my favorite sunsets from this trip on the day we decided to just veg on the beach near the moai with some other locals. While traveling in Concordia, Argentina, I went with a few friends to drink some mate along the lake.  As the afternoon came to an end, we were surrounded by a beautiful orange glow of the sunset along the lake of Salto Grande. Check out the other blogs participating in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week:

Reflections of an IRON(WO)MAN’s Journey

If anyone would have asked me if I was interested in doing an Ironman triathlon in my lifetime, I would have laughed and told them they were crazy! After all, you must have a few screws loose to entertain that idea, right?! Well….. that’s what I used to say 🙂 It all started in 2002, when one of my best friends from college, Paola, asked me if I would be interested in doing a triathlon in honor of her grandmother who had passed away from Leukemia. The organization we would be training and fundraising with was called Team in Training, an organization that raises funds and awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I had no idea what a triathlon was, but I am a sucker for sentimental and heartwarming causes and I signed up after attending an Informational Session and hearing stories of those who had been affected by blood cancers such as Leukemia, Lymphoma, or Hodgkin’s disease. Initially I had signed up for the shortest distance, the Pacific Grove Sprint Triathlon in Monterey. …

Phoneography Challenge: Macro

Photo of Red Hawaiian Ginger taken after morning rain shower  – iPhone 4 This week’s iphoneography challenge is Macro, and is hosted by Sally of Lens and Pen By Sally. I chose the Red Hawaiian Ginger blossom as my subject. A symbol of passion, strength and prosperity, these exotic beauties are sure to brighten any rainy day. You can view links to other participants’ entries on Sally’s blog at: