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Cee’s Which Way Challenge: No. 13

A few years ago, we visited Machu Picchu, Peru.  It was very memorable, especially as we were waiting to enter the park, one of the attendants shouts out last call for those who want to climb Wayna Picchu.  We ran towards the attendant and grabbed our 7 a.m. entrance tickets.  Our group of eight received the last eight slots to climb.  They only allow 400 people a day to climb that lovely mountain.  Enjoy the few shots of our five hour trek. Check out Cee’s blog to see others who are also participating in this week’s challenge:

Make Every Day an Adventure!

#NaBloPoMo, Day 4: Who is your favorite character of all time? Without a doubt, I would have to say that my favorite character of all time is Indiana “Indy” Jones. The start of my adolescence included watching the first Indy movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” which got me hooked on travel, adventure and history. I thought, wow, what an awesome life to have – teach at a college, and during your breaks jump on a plane.  Why not explore the world while finding hidden treasures and seeing first-hand what is described in books? Not that Indy influenced how I would plan out my life, but as result of watching every single film (don’t ask me to summarize them, as my memory is not as sharp as before) I started to get excited about growing up and being independent. I couldn’t wait to be an adult where I could decide when I wanted to explore other countries, experience different cultures, try exotic foods, and jump at a chance of being in awkward cross-cultural situations. This …