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Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Painting

“What does painting represent for you?” – Graffiti on a wall, framed flowers in the hall, a masterpiece old or abstract bold, the sides of a house, finish on a car, commercial or couture … While I appreciate looking at art made with paints, I really love the intricacies of woven fabrics.  My favorite is looking at the beautiful tapestries made by the women in Peru.  The colors and patterns that are made with the weaves are so lovely.  I am always amazed when I come across one of them.  These woven tapestries can me worn or just hung on your wall. You can find many of these tapestries sold at various locations in Cusco, Peru.  There are stores that sell them, but you can also find them when visiting tourist locations. Take a look at other blogs participating in the Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Painting