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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

“Twist” is filthy with meaning: it’s the unexpected, it’s surprise, it’s even an amazing ice cream choice. What does “twist” mean to you? This past week, I was up close and personal with the long aerial roots of a young banyan tree. Since I was in a public space, I couldn’t possibly swing from it, like I did when I was child, so I pushed it to and fro, and enjoyed watching it sway. When I caught the clump of roots to push it again, I looked down to see black bugs, the size of small cockroaches, swarming from the center of the roots, even crawling over my hand. I had unknowingly awoken them and they began to swarm, panicked that their home was under attack. I suppose what’s fun for one person, isn’t fun for everybody… Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist |

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

Share a photo which describes what spring means to you. The light during today’s late afternoon hike at Puʻu Huluhulu was absolutely magical. Spring is here! Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring! |

Mind the View

It was a day full of promise and wonder. The results of recent winter cold front: rolling green hills, snow capped mountain and cool, crisp temperature. Perched on the hillside of Kohala Mountain, 3,200 feet above sea level, you can see quite an expanse of open country. And then there are the spectacular sunsets. There is no denying the majestic beauty of the great sun star, setting only to rise again. 

My Garden in Macro

The only limit to your garden is at the boundaries of your imagination. ~ Thomas Church If you knew me, you would never trust me with your plants. Despite my efforts, many plants have died under my tender care–even the heartiest of succulents have come to their premature death under my watch. I just don’t have a green thumb. My husband on the other hand is a superlative gardener. He is hands-down a far better plant whisperer than I can ever dream of becoming. Under his care, our modest little garden has flourished. Our garden is a mish-mosh of perennials, herbs, vegetables and small variety of fruits that thrive in Waimea’s cool temperate climate. We keep it simple, basic and as low maintenance as possible – especially with my gardening handicap. Our long term goal is to cultivate a thriving edible garden. I’m sure that with a little coaching from my husband and more playtime in the dirt, our lofty dream will surely sprout delicious grub. For the time being, I’ll stick to what I’m …