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On my recent trip to Maui, I stopped off at Ali’i Kula Lavender farm for a tour. After learning about the process of growing and harvesting lavender as well as the many varieties of lavender that are grown on the grounds, I also learned about different plants on the farm. If you go, you’ll see fruit and olive trees, flowers of all kinds, even a few spaces for corn and kale. What a special place! Waiting for the tour, I noticed these little succulents that were growing in a cluster on the side of a little hill. I’ve always loved succulents for their pretty patterns. Living in Hawaiʻi my entire life, I have never seen a protea that was still growing. Most of the time, I see these flowers in arrangements or being sold at farmers’ markets. Seeing one in “real life” made me appreciate every detail of the protea’s beauty. Nature is truly, an amazing artist. Details

Pop of Color (Photo 101, Day 11)

I came across a few pūkiawe bushes with bright pink berries today. After I took the photo, I noticed that although the pink stood out, the green leaves were amazing in their own right. I should have saved a few photos from yesterday’s post for today because some of the dancers’ pāʻū were an amazing orange, so I’ll repost just because I love the color and texture of the pāʻū. Finally, I’ve not known what to do with this photo that I took last summer at the Esprit Dior exhibit in Seoul last year, but on display was Charlize Theron’s Dior dress from Cannes 2015 and the yellow popped inside that darkened room.

Water (Photo 101, Day 3)

There are several words for water here in Hawaiʻi, the most common ones being “wai”, a general term for fresh, drinkable water and “kai” for salt water. The first photo was taken at the base of the famed Hiʻilawe in Waipi’o Valley. I was fortunate to hike in with friends, but only after we received permission to cross through another friend’s property to see this historic waterfall. This second photo was taken at Hilo One (hee-low oh-ne), otherwise known as Hilo Bayfront. The water in the bay is usually calm due to the breakwater. As an extra, Iʻve also posted a scene taken at two different orientations. My personal favorite is the second landscape version. One can appreciate the fullness of the rainbow much better than the portrait version.  

Family Hopes

Lately, I’ve wondered if the hopes and dreams that my ancestors may have had for me are manifesting. Is my life what they had envisioned for me? Am I living up to their expectations? Would they be proud of me if they were still alive? I see myself in this banyan tree, laden with ema plaques filled with wishes. My grandparents once pinned their hopes on me that I might live well, while my roots extend deeper into the earth. Above all else, they probably would’ve wanted me to be happy, and that, I most certainly am, thanks to them. In response to: State of Mind  

Weekly Small Pleasures (#5)

Diet Overhaul:  If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen those food videos from the likes of Tastemade and Cooking Panda that speed-up the prep and cooking of different dishes. The dish is shown from start to finish in a matter of a minute and only after my newsfeed was inundated with these videos was it confirmed for me, the amount of sugar and salt that’s in the American diet. Getting older means my body is evolving, so I can’t eat like I used to, not just because it’s not good for me, but because unhealthy food and large portions just don’t taste good or satisfying to me like it used to. Late last week, I decided to cut sugar, salt, pork, and beef from my diet for three months for a necessary detox. I’ve been told it’s commendable, but yesterday was day 3 of smaller portions, veggies, and tofu, and truth be told, I had a multi-sensory dream of eating wafu steak and a “traditional” loco moco the night before and it was not pretty. Being from Hawaiʻi, where food is so much a part of our local culture, it’s not surprising that …

Weekly Small Pleasures (#4)

Last month, I read a great New York Times piece by Sheila Heti, “Letter of Recommendation: Sick Days” and was grateful for the reminder that sometimes, being sick is necessary to get ahead. That being said, although I appreciated the article, I did the exact opposite and didn’t listen to my body when I started getting sick. I thought I could power through, but my flu blew up, which finally led me to see to the doctor, get some meds and a lot of rest, and now, I’m feeling a LOT better, so here’s to resuming my weekly small pleasures posts! As Doe Zantamata said so well, “Taking time to do nothing, often brings everything into perspective.” Amazingly Talented and Funny Singers. After watching Adele’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and her posing as an Adele impersonator for BBC, I was content to know that one of my favorite singers had a wonderful sense of humor, but then she went ahead and blew my world yet again. Adele showed up on the Ellen show this past week and pranked some poor workers at Jamba Juice and it was glorious! Then, as if that …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Even though we can’t watch the sun dip below the horizon from the east side of the island, doesn’t mean Hilo people can’t enjoy sunsets. Seeing the last minutes of sunlight serving as the backdrop of Mauna Kea is always a pretty sight. Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast: