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Weekly Small Pleasures #13

It’s time, once again, to take stock and be grateful for those moments, big and small, that made this week amazing. Early Mornings – It was week #3 and I’m proud to report that I’m now getting up enthusiastically at 5:00 am. As a result of this newfound appreciation of dawn, I now enjoy the brilliant sunrises instead of lamenting how early it is or how tired I am. Tuesdays with Mom – I flew to Honolulu on Tuesday to meet my mom and dad for her doctors’ appointments. No matter how depressing it can get, it’s always nice to spend the day with my parents. Flying – This past Tuesday, I was reminded that I love flying. Unfortunately, the only long-distance traveling I’ll be doing in the next month is to Honolulu for a bunch of meetings and mom’s medical appointments. No matter. I enjoy the 45-minute commute. Macarons – Need I say more? Oishii desu ne! Cooking – Now that I’m working out regularly, I’m spending a bit more time in the kitchen, but because my schedule is getting tight, it’s forcing me to do a lot of food prep …

Wailoa Reflections

In response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Mirror, I’m sharing this photograph taken at Wailoa State Park. It was one of the first photos I took shortly after moving to Hilo and when I decided I would start pursuing photography with some level of seriousness and commitment. Mind you, I never really dabbled in photography before moving to Hilo, but I thought, “Why not?”. It was a creative way to orient myself to my new home and to engage in something I’d always wanted to try. This photo was captured moments before sunset and I thought the scene looked almost haunting. The fuzzy reflections are my favorite part of the photo.

Weekly Small Pleasures (#11)

It was a full week, but there were a few things that made it extra special. 1) Family – Even though I spent Tuesday in Honolulu with my parents going to medical appointments, it was also spent with aunties and uncles. One couple lives in Mililani and it’s been nice getting to know them throughout my mom’s medical hardships, since they lived on the continent when I was growing up. The other couple, who I consider my third pair of parents, lives in Arizona. It’s been along time since I last saw them, but I was reminded that thanks to them, I have a need for creative expression. 2) Twinsters – If you haven’t watched this heartwarming documentary, I suggest you do. I’ve already watched it twice on Netflix. Pop! 3) Nail Polish – After 40 years and hundreds of horrible do-it-yourself manicures, I’ve finally learned how to paint my nails. I always feel a lot more girly and feminine with some new nail polish, so I’ve decided to paint my nails every week. Yay! 4) Terrace House – I’m …

Weekly Small Pleasures (#9)

Merrie Monarch Hilo comes alive during Merrie Monarch week and this year was no different. I went to the free hōʻike night on Wednesday to watch Hālau o Kekuhi, as well as other indigenous dance from Taiwan, Tahiti, and New Zealand. I also watched TV coverage of the competition on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Over the course of the week, I had 3 performances and walked in the parade on Saturday. Below are a few photos, most taken by Maria, from my week. It felt amazing to be dancing again and to be immersed in hula for 7 straight days. Sunday, March 27: Kīpaepae Welina (Welcoming Ceremony)   Tuesday, March 29: UNU Noontime Performance at the Naniloa Hotel     Thursday, March 31: UNU at ʻImiloa Astronomy Center   Saturday, April 2: Merrie Monarch Parade Here are other people’s weeks: A New Life Wandering | Weekly Small Pleasures #82 Find us on social media outlets and get to know the Holoholo Girls better! Facebook  Instagram @holohologirls Twitter

Mystery (Photo 101, Day 10)

I love photos with dramatic lighting and darkly obscured scenes, but it’s not so easy to capture when I’m behind the camera. The first photo was taken at sunset in Hilo. Since we are on the eastern side of the island, we get very different skies at sunset from Kona, but they’re still beautiful. This was taken in the parking lot of my college alma mater. The second photo was taken in Seoul last summer, walking through the Esprit Dior exhibit in Dongdaemun Design Plaza, and seeing a row of mannequins displaying the evolving fashion of the House of Dior. The final photo was taken in Taiwan last summer, in an overpass/flyover in Chia-yi.

Connect (Photo 101, Day 6)

I took this photo at Bongeunsa Temple in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. The peacefulness of this temple complex is a noticeable change from the bustling Gangnam that surrounds it and it’s definitely a place to both disconnect and reconnect. It was at Bongeunsa that a friendly woman motioned to my hula sister and me to enter into the building where she was praying. Once we reached the door, I noticed the room was filled with other women, some sitting in silent meditation or reading passages, while others were in the process of bowing. We removed our shoes and the woman who had welcomed us in, laid cushions on the floor for us to sit. Although she didn’t speak English, we followed her lead, entering quietly so as not to disturb everyone else. I sat quietly on the cushion and allowed all the elements of the room to engage my senses; the smell of incense, the hushed praying, the ornate statues. I glanced around me and made eye contact with our host, then bowed my head slightly to thank her for her hospitality while she smiled back. After 10 minutes of adjusting …

Weekly Small Pleasures (#7)

What a lovely week it’s been and now, in the final hours, I’m grateful I vowed to break from my normal routine and get out. Beautifully woven things. I have a thing about hand-woven items and this week, I found a plethora of locally-made treasures. On the left, fine weave lauhala (pandanus) bracelets that can be found at Hana Hou and made right here in Hilo by the talented Hawaiian artisan and furniture designer, ʻIliahi Anthony. On the right, handwoven boxes found at Makuʻu Farmers Market for housing beautiful things. Cold and rainy weather. Believe it or not, it gets chilly here in Hilo. It never dips below 50-degrees in Hilo, but when it gets in the 60’s, Hilo people bust out their sweaters, scarves, and boots. This was one of those weeks. I love cold weather, especially since it feels like I’m somewhere other than Hawaiʻi. Not that I don’t love it here, it’s just that it reminds me of being in a different city, even if for a little while. Okonomiyaki and Taiko. I saw a flyer for a fundraising event …

A Stroll Through Hilo…

…will take you to the heart of Hilo’s oldest privately owned grocery store, KTA Super Stores, which is a block away from the Hilo Farmers Market.  If you walk along the Keawe Street side of the store you will find a large two panel mural that was designed and created by local artist Kathleen Kam. The mural is very impressive as there is so much detail to each image and the story that unfolds shares so much about the local environment, culture and people of Hilo.  I look forward to other urban art that may pop up around town. For Paula’s Thursday Special

Water (Photo 101, Day 3)

There are several words for water here in Hawaiʻi, the most common ones being “wai”, a general term for fresh, drinkable water and “kai” for salt water. The first photo was taken at the base of the famed Hiʻilawe in Waipi’o Valley. I was fortunate to hike in with friends, but only after we received permission to cross through another friend’s property to see this historic waterfall. This second photo was taken at Hilo One (hee-low oh-ne), otherwise known as Hilo Bayfront. The water in the bay is usually calm due to the breakwater. As an extra, Iʻve also posted a scene taken at two different orientations. My personal favorite is the second landscape version. One can appreciate the fullness of the rainbow much better than the portrait version.