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Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

I am meekly standing amongst all that is Kūkaʻōhiʻalaka, in the mist that drenches you without you even noticing, and welcoming Kānehoalani. I am still in awe of Ke Ala Polohiwa a Kanaloa two nights ago and especially during this particularly rainy season of Lonoikamakahiki. It’s kapu hua, so no ritual. I just needed to press the “reset” button this morning and get back to basics. There’s really nothing more basic, and profound, than slowing down to witness and drink in the beauty happening around us every day. May you all have a magical holiday season. … in response to Now Some interesting reads: Kino Lau: Finding the Spirit of the Divine in the Ordinary World Moon Phase Project Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death (of particular concern for cultural practitioners)  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Even though we can’t watch the sun dip below the horizon from the east side of the island, doesn’t mean Hilo people can’t enjoy sunsets. Seeing the last minutes of sunlight serving as the backdrop of Mauna Kea is always a pretty sight. Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

Share a photo which describes what spring means to you. The light during today’s late afternoon hike at Puʻu Huluhulu was absolutely magical. Spring is here! Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring! |

Stranded, but Happy

You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building? Being held captive and awaiting escape or rescue might be different from starting a life somewhere new, but given this hypothetical scenario, I would hope to make the most of the situation and live comfortably. It’s not a surprise that I would choose to be held captive on an island. I already live on one and am much more familiar with an island lifestyle than any of the other possibilities. Hawaiʻi Island, my home, is one of the most ecologically diverse in the world. Beaches? Of course! Forests, grasslands? Yup and yup. The environment is part of the reason why I continue to be in love with this place. There is room to breath. There is room to roam. And there is room to grow. Hawaiʻi Island is geologically young. It’s still covered by lava and soil is in the beginning stages of being created for most of the …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

“Mauna Kea at Sunrise” was snapped from atop Mauna Loa, during a trek to Mokuʻāweoweo. To the right of the photo, where the sun is casting its rosy morning glow, is Hilo. The sun rises here at the easternmost point of Hawaiʻi, at Kumukahi. At this moment in time, the east is already bright, while Kona and the rest of the archipelago, to the west, are enjoying the last few moments of darkness. This entry is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon | .  Check out other entries or even better, get in on the challenge yourself!

Glamour Pusses

Carolina, Rogene, and I are extremely low-maintenance, so when we decided to do a photo shoot for Holoholo Girls, the topic of make-up inevitably came up. We each looked in our respective make-up bags and found that tinted lip balm was how we collectively defined “glamming up”. We needed to do something. Simply applying lip balm might’ve worked when we were 14, but being in our mid- to late 30’s means we should already be well-versed in make-up and using it on a daily basis. It would’ve been simple to tap our friends and/or professionals, but we decided to tackle this head on. It would be an adventure. What ensued were evenings spent researching make-up application on YouTube and Pinterest, trips to the local drug stores to aimlessly wander the beauty aisles, endless email threads discussing topics like filling in eyebrows, applying fake eyelashes, wardrobe, and finally, hours practicing the application of foundation, eye shadow, and yes, fake eyelashes. Needless to say, our support networks were really honest and sometimes, not so encouraging. Husbands would …