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Weekly Small Pleasures (#10)

1) Prince – While classmates were going crazy for Madonna and Mariah Carey, Prince was the one artist who was continuously present for the major milestones in my life. Even though his artistry was usually perceived as eccentric, his musical genius was undeniable. With his sudden passing, I dug out his CD’s this past week and relived my life, captured through his music. Mahalo, Prince. 2) Spending Time with the Parentals – I flew to Honolulu on Tuesday to go to doctor appointments with my mom and when we were done, we escaped to Pearlridge for lunch and a bit of shopping before heading over to the airport. Although I can be happy being with them anywhere, the hospital is becoming the norm, so getting out is always a good thing. 3) Friends – If you don’t know by now, I have the best friends. I don’t have a lot of them, but the ones that I do consider my closest friends, know everything about me and continue to stand by me and make me laugh. …

Spring Activity in Hilo nei

In one of our previous posts, Spring is in the Air, we noted that it is always difficult to differentiate between the seasons here in Hawai’i.  But, based on the school calendar, we know that school will get out soon, so it’s always great to indulge in a few outdoor activities.  Here are a few photos from this weekend’s mother’s day outing at Moku Ola (aka Coconut Island). After a full belly, we walked to the opposite end of the island to the rock wall tower structure which looks like the remains of a wharf or pier to watch as the youth climbed and jumped into the ocean. Our overseas guests wanted to also join in the fun. As good hosts, we had to show them how it was done.  Just climbing up the first level of the structure on shaky legs, I had a boost of adrenaline rushing through my body to help me make the jump.  Rogene and I were not as brave as Adrel who jumped from both levels, including the highest one. The day was very calm, with hardly any trade …

Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes

Last month, we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday.  I was hemming and hawing about planning this event.  I didn’t want a big shindig, as I had been rather tired, but I was getting pressure from my ‘ohana (family). “How can you not celebrate your baby’s 1st year!” “You will not get this opportunity again.  She only turns one once.” “This is a party for everyone who has supported you this past year.” “She is your only baby, why don’t you put in some effort.” Hearing all this was troubling.  I don’t know why I was frozen with fear and feeling a bit anxious.  I had planned many large events in the past, but this time around, I was in serious exhaust mode.  I am fortunate to have some very creative, caring and loyal friends.  They all pitched in to help me.  We decided to scale back and invite an intimate group.  Since it was a children’s party, I was a bit outside of my element.  I didn’t know what a children’s party was supposed to look …

Daily Prompt: BFFs

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to? The intricate bond of friendships that can truly last the test of time is a precious gift. My life would certainly be less exciting and lonely without the company and wisdom shared with such kindred spirits. With the help of my canine “bestie” (Fritz) and my husband (Captain Bo), these snapshots illustrate how friendships have enriched my life. The pearls of wisdom gained from friendship: Love is UNCONDITIONAL You are NEVER alone Always remember to have FUN Just call out my name… and I’ll BE THERE Enjoy the JOURNEY

Happy Hilo 2014!

Hilo is the first city in the Hawaiian archipelago to greet the new day with the rising of the sun at Kumukahi, but the word “hilo” refers to other things in Hawaiian culture. The phase of the new moon is named Hilo, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It’s also a style of lei making that involves braiding and binding different plants together to create something be given and worn with love. We have each considered Hilo to be our home at some point in our lives and it’s where Holoholo Girls originated. Our friendships were forged here and it continues to host our ongoing evolution. Because of its many beautiful connotations of new starts and the constant weaving of lives together, we would like to wish you a Happy Hilo 2014. From our homes and hearts to yours, we wish you and your loved ones health and safety in this upcoming year and that it will be filled with new adventures and opportunities for growth.

Quote Me

Day 4: EBOOK: 365 WRITING PROMPTS Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again?  What is it, and why does it move you? “Laughter is an instant vacation.” – Milton Berle Every day I experience a good day or a yucky day.  On the yucky days I think back to all the silly moments I have been through and I laugh.  The most noted one with the Holoholo Girls is our photo shoot.  I may not be able to relive that same experience nor take the break I am so longing for, but through that simple gesture of laughing and smiling, everything is all better.  So, the next time you find yourself in the slumps and just need a break, think of a funny time, and laugh out loud!

Glamour Pusses

Carolina, Rogene, and I are extremely low-maintenance, so when we decided to do a photo shoot for Holoholo Girls, the topic of make-up inevitably came up. We each looked in our respective make-up bags and found that tinted lip balm was how we collectively defined “glamming up”. We needed to do something. Simply applying lip balm might’ve worked when we were 14, but being in our mid- to late 30’s means we should already be well-versed in make-up and using it on a daily basis. It would’ve been simple to tap our friends and/or professionals, but we decided to tackle this head on. It would be an adventure. What ensued were evenings spent researching make-up application on YouTube and Pinterest, trips to the local drug stores to aimlessly wander the beauty aisles, endless email threads discussing topics like filling in eyebrows, applying fake eyelashes, wardrobe, and finally, hours practicing the application of foundation, eye shadow, and yes, fake eyelashes. Needless to say, our support networks were really honest and sometimes, not so encouraging. Husbands would …