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Weekly Small Pleasures #13

It’s time, once again, to take stock and be grateful for those moments, big and small, that made this week amazing. Early Mornings – It was week #3 and I’m proud to report that I’m now getting up enthusiastically at 5:00 am. As a result of this newfound appreciation of dawn, I now enjoy the brilliant sunrises instead of lamenting how early it is or how tired I am. Tuesdays with Mom – I flew to Honolulu on Tuesday to meet my mom and dad for her doctors’ appointments. No matter how depressing it can get, it’s always nice to spend the day with my parents. Flying – This past Tuesday, I was reminded that I love flying. Unfortunately, the only long-distance traveling I’ll be doing in the next month is to Honolulu for a bunch of meetings and mom’s medical appointments. No matter. I enjoy the 45-minute commute. Macarons – Need I say more? Oishii desu ne! Cooking – Now that I’m working out regularly, I’m spending a bit more time in the kitchen, but because my schedule is getting tight, it’s forcing me to do a lot of food prep …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

To love or loathe this bulbed vegetable? There’s no denying the power of the onion. It is the key ingredient in all savoury dishes prepared in my home. The veils of an onion and its pungent fumes bring forth tears and excitement as I prepare this evening’s hearty meal: grilled marlin topped with ali’i mushrooms and caramelized onions. YUM! Weekly Photo Challenge: Layer |

Stuff We Love: GJ’s Huli-Huli Chicken

Every Saturday billows of great-smelling smoke emanate from a roadside grill off Mamalahoa Highway in the heart of Waimea town. GJ’s roadside stand serves the most ‘ono (delicious) huli chicken and ribs on the island. Cooked over hot open keawe coals to crispy juicy perfection, the meat is so tender it literally falls off the bones. If you are looking for  Broke da Mouth kine grinz on the go, make a pit stop at GJ’s – you won’t be disappointed. But don’t take my word for it – check out today’s line.  

Hoʻiʻo Perfection

I don’t recall eating hoʻiʻo growing up on Kauaʻi, but since discovering it here on Hawaiʻi Island, it’s been a welcome addition to meals. Hoʻiʻo bunches begin making appearances at the local farmers’ markets during the wet season and go for about $2 a hefty bunch. Hoʻiʻo are fern shoots that grow and are gathered in wet areas here. They are made into salads or added to stir-fry. Hoʻiʻo is a regional term used here on Hawai’i Island. It’s Pohole in Maui. You’ll also hear the term warabi, which is derived from Japan. Despite not growing up with this yummy vegetable, over the past several years I’ve learned how to cook it. Friends and loved ones request my hoʻiʻo salad for parties and casual get-togethers. People wonder how I get the hoʻiʻo cooked, but still crunchy. The trick is blanching. Here are the steps to get your hoʻiʻo just right: In a big pot, bring water to a rolling boil. After cleaning and cutting the hoʻiʻo into bite-sized pieces, separate the thicker stems from the …