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Life Companion

December 19, 2015, would have marked my parents 43rd wedding anniversary, but a week prior, my mom passed away.  Though it was a very sad occasion, I have come to terms that she is in a better place where she no longer experiences the constant pain in her body and is resting.  For the past five years she had been battling a few ailments (heart failure and cancer) which all involved multiple surgeries.  Through it all, my father, her husband and life companion for the past 50 years was by her side.

Though my dad does not enjoy the doctor’s office nor the hospital, he would hold it all together just to be with her.  He would go anywhere my mom would take him, even if it meant not being in a place he was comfortable.  My mom would drag my dad to her weekly health classes to learn how to eat better, care for her body, and basically socialize with others who were also going through the same things as her.  My dad listened throughout these classes and started to make changes in their meals and would do anything to comfort my mom including back rubs and leg massages.

Finding a life companion who you love, cherish and respect is without a doubt the hardest thing we can all claim to have found.  I know that it does not happen instantly, you definitely need to be patient and work on blending your interests and differences together so that you can all live in companionable harmony.  I will miss my mom, but the greatest gift she gave me was living by example of what she hopes I will also have in my life companion.


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