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Weekly Small Pleasures #13

It’s time, once again, to take stock and be grateful for those moments, big and small, that made this week amazing.

  1. Early Mornings – It was week #3 and I’m proud to report that I’m now getting up enthusiastically at 5:00 am. As a result of this newfound appreciation of dawn, I now enjoy the brilliant sunrises instead of lamenting how early it is or how tired I am.
  2. Tuesdays with Mom – I flew to Honolulu on Tuesday to meet my mom and dad for her doctors’ appointments. No matter how depressing it can get, it’s always nice to spend the day with my parents.
  3. Flying – This past Tuesday, I was reminded that I love flying. Unfortunately, the only long-distance traveling I’ll be doing in the next month is to Honolulu for a bunch of meetings and mom’s medical appointments. No matter. I enjoy the 45-minute commute.
  4. Macarons – Need I say more? Oishii desu ne!
  5. Cooking – Now that I’m working out regularly, I’m spending a bit more time in the kitchen, but because my schedule is getting tight, it’s forcing me to do a lot of food prep on Sunday. I spent part of today grocery shopping and prepping meals for the week. It certainly makes food during the week easier to pack when I do it this way.
  6. Lightning and Thunder and Rain, Oh My! – We enjoyed some heavy rain, lightning and thunder this past week, with the lightning and thunder even going on for 2+ days. Unlike Maui, who got the brunt of the rain and flooding, Hilo managed well. I absolutely love rainy weather.
  7. Binkies – Max, one of our tabby twins, has been particularly clingy with his binky this week. It’s a super soft face towel I bought in Japan and gave it to him when he was a kitten, but now he can’t sleep without it and I don’t have the heart to take it back. He even carries it around in his mouth and drags it around. Aww!!
  8. Last, but not least, The Chainsmokers – Okay, I’ve been living under a rock, a Generation X rock. So their single, Closer (featuring Halsey), always shows up on my playlist and I just discovered them this past week. Love it!

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