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Weekly Small Pleasures #12

It’s been a while since I posted one of these, but I had a few amazing moments this week that are too good not to document.

Lava Viewing Trek – That little excursion out to Kalapana is still fresh in my mind.


Return to Fitness – This past week was week #2 of being back at spin, hula, and yoga and I’m finally feeling great. As you all know, when you get back into working out, it’s kind of a bummer. Your body’s in shock, you’re still trying to convince yourself that miserable sweating is worth it, and you’re exhausted all the time, but after going 2 weeks straight, I’m hitting my stride and it’s amazing. I’m eating and sleeping better, I’ve got a lot more energy, I’m happier, and I even managed to rock the front row last Friday. Hurray fitness!




















Pretty Nails – I’ve mentioned this before. Painting my nails is my way to feel more girly and I’ve been looking for just those colors that I can love. Well, I think I’ve found them! Mint green is growing on me, and it seems to match my skin tone, so here’s to mint green nails for the next month!

The End of Rizzoli and Isles – I’ve watched this show for 7 years and it all ended this past week with the series finale. What a great run it was!

Chicken bánh mì – I found out that one of my favorite local restaurants, Hilo Rice Noodle, sells my favorite sandwich! It’s the perfect serving size. Not massive like the “normal” size of Hawai’i eateries. Delicious!

Korean Dramas – You all know my fascination with Korean Dramas, exhibit A and exhibit B, but I continue to watch them. Here are a few that are currently airing and that I’m watching every week:

  • Cinderella and Four Knights – 4 cousins who hate each other and whose rich grandfather pays a modern day Cinderella to bring them closer together. Now they’re all falling in love with her. 
  • Blow Breeze – A South Korean attorney is reunited with a North Korean girl he once knew growing up in Macau. Outside of that, an elderly North Korean millionaire is hoping to find his granddaughter.
  • The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop – The lives of four men who work in a tailor shop.
  • Jealousy Incarnate – She’s a weather reporter for a TV station and she’s soon torn between two men. The first is a haughty reporter at the same station she harbored a crush on for 3 years prior. The second is his good friend and fashion tycoon.
  • Our Gap Soon – I’m only watching this 50-episode drama because of my fascination with Song Jae Lim and Kim So Eun, who were once a couple of the variety show, We Got Married. I ship them so hard. LOL.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Glad you posted! You described getting back into fitness perfectly! I definitely experienced the same a couple years ago when I started after not doing anything for like a year. You totally feel tired all the time until your body starts to get used to it and then you feel better than ever.. it’s funny and interesting how doing exercise gives you more energy. I like your variety of classes.
    I love mint green! I bet your nails look awesome.
    Have a great week!

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