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Lava Viewing at Kalapana

Our friend Adrel called me on Saturday to see if I wanted to go with him to take pictures of the lava flow in Kalapana. You may have seen Adrel’s amazing photographs on our Holoholo Girls’ Instagram and being that we’re both recreational photographers, I jumped at the chance.

After discussing trekking at night or early morning, we decided on today, Labor Day. We packed up and headed out of Hilo at 4:30 am. Once in Kalapana, we were surprised to see that other people had the same idea, no doubt wanting to see the beautiful glow of the lava in the dark.

Getting to the actual viewing site was not that difficult. It’s a 3.5 mile walk/hike on a mostly flat gravel road. Adrel heard that people head out on bikes, so he managed to secure two bikes and we rode toward the site with headlamps. Walking wouldn’t have been bad, but biking was better.

People were already situated on the cliffs, cameras out and taking photos of the amazing view. While Adrel moved closer to snap some pics, I stayed behind the safety marker and marveled at the dazzling sunrise to the east and the lava flow to the south. A boat with tourist also showed up, allowing the passengers to get up close and personal.

Getting some exercise while enjoying nature was the perfect end to a long weekend!


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  2. Catherine Lord says

    Spectacular photos! So beautiful!! I heard the lava was flowing into the ocean. I hope it’s still going by the time I get back to the island. Thank you for the post!

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