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Fish on Top

This weekʻs Weekly Photo Challenge, Cherry On Top, came at a great time.

Poke is sold at most local grocery stores in Hawaiʻi, with lots of different varieties to choose from. I usually buy a tiny bit, whether it’s ahi (tuna) or salmon, made spicy or with some delicious condiment like shoyu (soy sauce) or inamona. Some grocery stores here actually sell poke bowls, which are fresh raw fish, topping a bowl of rice for lunch or dinner. I prefer just buying the fish and making my own poke bowl, or making my own poke, like when I make mushroom poke.

After eating a few pieces of my poke, I’m usually left with a few chunks that have passed the raw “expiration” date, so I flash fry it in a non-stick pan to give it new culinary purpose. Once it’s done, I transfer it into a small bowl and onto some rice and voila! We have a modified poke bowl.

This week’s poke leftovers was also tossed with onions and fresh, local limu (seaweed). Absolutely delicious!


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  2. Mrs. N says

    I love poke. We do a version of it in Saipan…delish!

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