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Sakura Sakura Sakura 

For most of our visit in South Korea the temperature was averaging minus one degree Celsius in the morning and reaching 16 degrees Celsius by mid afternoon. For us island folks we were freezing and could not feel our fingers and toes if we stood outside for more than 10 minutes. But the turning point was seeing the lovely Sakura blossoms starting to bloom on the trees where ever we looked.  This was a telling sign that spring is definitely approaching and the weather will be getting warmer. There were many people who were walking around with shorts, t-shirts and sandals. Standing next to them our group looked like we were going skiing with all the layers of clothes and protective gear we were wearing.

We were all lucky to see the beautiful Sakura blossoms, and I hope my other Hawaii friends who will be visiting South Korea next month will find a Sakura in bloom, too.  Seeing these beautiful flowers in person was quite lovely as their petals looked so fluffy and delicate.  I was also lucky to see a few bees hovering around the blossoms pollinating and humming along.  This was truly a memorable experience to our visit to South Korea.

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  1. You have captured the delicateness of Sakura beautifully. That’s really uncomfortable oscillation in temperature from -1 Celsius to 16 in the afternoon. Thank you, Carolina for this gift 🙂

    • Yes, the change in temperature was surprising, but it was for only a short while. Glad you liked the sakura photo.

  2. marriedwithmaps says

    Hehe it does get quite cold there. That’s great you got to see the area in bloom for Spring!

    • Yes, but I hear it is really in full bloom now that we have left leaving a blanket of pink and white on the ground. Hope to experience that another time. 🙂

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