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Warmth (Photo 101, Day 9)

Backlit photos are my favorite and here’s my entry for today. It was taken on a recent hike on the Makapuʻu Trail on Oʻahu before sunrise. On our way to Kaulanaakaʻiole, we reached a spot on the trail and stopped to admire the glow from the sun that had risen above the horizon, but was still obscured behind the cloud cover in the distance.


  1. iamboardman says

    Gorgeous photos I can really get a sense of what that moment felt like

    • Thank you! The camera really didn’t do the moment justice, but when I close my eyes, I remember the brilliant orange sky. If you’re ever back on Oʻahu, do take the hike. It’s worth it.

    • It’s definitely a good early morning hike to take if you’re ever in Honolulu!

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