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Weekly Small Pleasures (#7)

What a lovely week it’s been and now, in the final hours, I’m grateful I vowed to break from my normal routine and get out.

Beautifully woven things. I have a thing about hand-woven items and this week, I found a plethora of locally-made treasures. On the left, fine weave lauhala (pandanus) bracelets that can be found at Hana Hou and made right here in Hilo by the talented Hawaiian artisan and furniture designer, ʻIliahi Anthony. On the right, handwoven boxes found at Makuʻu Farmers Market for housing beautiful things.

Cold and rainy weather. Believe it or not, it gets chilly here in Hilo. It never dips below 50-degrees in Hilo, but when it gets in the 60’s, Hilo people bust out their sweaters, scarves, and boots. This was one of those weeks. I love cold weather, especially since it feels like I’m somewhere other than Hawaiʻi. Not that I don’t love it here, it’s just that it reminds me of being in a different city, even if for a little while.

Okonomiyaki and Taiko. I saw a flyer for a fundraising event here in Hilo to send college students to Japan on a cultural exchange and decided to go since I could try a Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki and watch a taiko performance by Puna Taiko. The okonomiyaki was delicious and it was a great performance, all for a good cause to promote international education.

Sunglasses. My entire life, I’ve always bought everything on sale and so I finally bought a pair of stylish aviator glasses. They fit perfectly, meaning they don’t slip down my nose and rest on my cheeks because my non-existent bridge. Okay, they were $20 from Ross Dress for Less, but I still love them.

Kunzwanana. At Makuʻu Market, I enjoyed the musical stylings of Kunzwanana. The group is amazing and people in the audience enjoyed the performance, even getting up to dance. The group is very talented and the music was absolutely uplifting, which was perfect for a dark and rainy day.

Have a great week and it’s not too late to start posting your Weekly Small Pleasures. Join in!

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    • I need to force myself to get out of the house some weekends, but when I do, I never regret it. Hope you also had a great weekend!

  1. Mrs. N says

    I know how you feel about forcing yourself to get out…I can totally relate. Thus post made me miss Saipan ( where we lived for 35 years.. Kids and grandkids are there) … At times I totally miss island life.

      • Mrs. N says

        they are- but not the same as small tropical island life….Saipan is a very small isolated island….13 miles long by 7 miles wide…

      • I totally understand. Slower island life is hard to beat, especially when your family lives there. Hope you visit your family often!

    • Ha! I’ve been wanting a pair forever, but could never find one. Hope you’re enjoying yours and have a great week as well.

    • It’s amazing, right? I loved it, but my friend didn’t understand why I was so excited. Thanks for stopping by!

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