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A Stroll Through Hilo…

…will take you to the heart of Hilo’s oldest privately owned grocery store, KTA Super Stores, which is a block away from the Hilo Farmers Market.  If you walk along the Keawe Street side of the store you will find a large two panel mural that was designed and created by local artist Kathleen Kam.


The mural is very impressive as there is so much detail to each image and the story that unfolds shares so much about the local environment, culture and people of Hilo.  I look forward to other urban art that may pop up around town.

For Paula’s Thursday Special


  1. It’s wonderful, Carolina! I really love it 🙂 Thank you for joining in. It’s colourful, joyful and an exquisite addition to an already nice gallery of participants’ photos. I’m going to put it in the slideshow right now.

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