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Solitude (Photo 101, Day 5)

On a hike to Sanbutsu-ji Temple, the cliff temple, I took this picture of my hula brother at a rest stop. Our hula tradition is based upon the concept of environmental kinship, so as he looked out at the mountains and the trees in foreign Japan, I could tell that he wasnʻt just resting and admiring the beautiful view, but that he was syncing himself and connecting to the environment around him. His breathing steadied, his body relaxed, and he would occasionally close his eyes to feel the gentle breeze on his skin and once, he was in harmony with his surroundings, he inhaled deeply and turned to me and smiled.
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    • Thank you so much! I hope that what I’ve written and shared does justice to that magical moment. Take care!

  1. Mrs. N says

    Oh my gosh… Awesome! And brave to be out on that ledge! Really awesome pic- xxoo

  2. I can just see your brother turning towards you, looking very peaceful! Love all that green!

    • He does have a great smile and he wasn’t even nervous that he was sitting there on the edge of the walkway with no railing. Yes, the green trees in the background were absolutely beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!

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