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Water (Photo 101, Day 3)

There are several words for water here in Hawaiʻi, the most common ones being “wai”, a general term for fresh, drinkable water and “kai” for salt water.

The first photo was taken at the base of the famed Hiʻilawe in Waipi’o Valley. I was fortunate to hike in with friends, but only after we received permission to cross through another friend’s property to see this historic waterfall.



This second photo was taken at Hilo One (hee-low oh-ne), otherwise known as Hilo Bayfront. The water in the bay is usually calm due to the breakwater.


Hilo One

As an extra, Iʻve also posted a scene taken at two different orientations. My personal favorite is the second landscape version. One can appreciate the fullness of the rainbow much better than the portrait version.


Blogging U.


  1. Mrs. N says

    Very beautiful photos- love the rainbow one- perfect timing!

    • Perfect timing indeed. It took a while to capture it, but it was so worth it.

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