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Weekly Small Pleasures (#6)

Dance and music have been the recurring themes for this amazing week.

Back to Hula. Even though I “graduated”, my cohort was invited back to learn a new set of hula pahu (drum dances), so we have resumed twice a week practices for this month. These lessons also serve as preparation for our performances during the week of Merrie Monarch, both at the opening of the festivities and at ʻImiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaiʻi. Learning and dancing again feels amazing, but I’m also grateful to be dancing next to people with whom I’ve danced for years and consider family. Here is one pahu set we performed two years ago which will be included in the  5-6  sets to be done at ʻImiloa. Enjoy and wish my knees luck these next few weeks!

Solo Hiking in Volcanos National Park. I met with a lot of people this past week and being an introvert, by Friday, I was in need of huge doses of solitude and nature. After a week of miserable vog, today’s clear skies allowed me to do a solo hike. From the parking lot, down to the crater floor of Kīlauea Iki and back up again, and ending with a stroll through Nāhuku (Thurston Lava Tube) to enjoy the native birds chirping and flitting about happily in the swaying trees. I heart nature!

Flesh and Bone. The STARZ series, Flesh and Bone, was on sale at Target, so I caved and bought the CD set. I’m a sucker for ballet movies and can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Center Stage, so you can probably imagine my excitement to see Sascha Radetsky in the cast. Flesh and Bone is no where near saccharine-sweet as Center Stage, but the beautiful dancing kept me interested beyond the dark storyline.

Gamelan Music. My friend Maria burned a gamelan music CD after we returned from Bali for a hula outing and I found it again this week. I blasted it on the stereo this past weekend, probably to the chagrin of my neighbors, while cleaning house. I’m always productive when gamelan music is playing, but I’m also reminded of the beauty of Balinese dance that I was so fortunate to watch. Thanks to the makers of this awesome video, for capturing the beauty of Balinese music and dance.

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Have a great week all!


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