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Life is a Highway

My love for travel comes from both of my parents.  I recently came across a photo of my mom in her early twenties posing with some friends in front of the Republic of Chile signage along Route 5 .  It is remarkable that I also traveled on that same road when I decided to bus it back to Santiago, Chile from Bolivia.  Life moves on, but geographical landmarks will always remain and remind us of those who came before us.


Mom (second from right) with friends along Route 5 on the border between Peru and Chile

I am grateful that my mom was not afraid to explore new surroundings, but I cannot imagine what a road trip must have been like during the 1950’s, for I am now spoiled with the comfort of large travel buses that purr you to sleep on initial departure from the bus terminal. Thanks to my mom’s travel stories, when it was time for me to spread my wings, I never hesitated nor doubted myself, as I knew if she could do it, so could I.  Let’s hope I can also instill in my daughter the joy of adventure and travel.

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