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Weekly Small Pleasures (#3)

1. The Pixie Chino from Old Navy.  I’m in love. It’s extremely rare to find pants that fit me well and are equally flattering. For most hula people, shopping for pants is always a challenge. If you’re not a hula person, you may be wondering why. The constant sway of hips requires one to dance with knees bent, which means hula thighs are much more muscular than one might expect and so the search for pants that can accommodate thick thighs never ends well and usually means we walk out with yet another pair of leggings, but not this week! Thanks, Old Navy! Yes!

2. Being Sick. I started feeling sick on Tuesday and then it escalated to the point I couldn’t get out of bed two days later. I shouldn’t have been surprised, considering everyone around me was getting sick, but this was humbling. I haven’t been this sick in almost 5 years, so being vulnerable and weak forced me to slow down. It also made me realize that I need to re-tweak my lifestyle formula, including stress management, diet, sleep, and exercise, to stay healthy.

3. Solo Adventuring. Hawaiʻi is a very close-knit place and community means a lot, so people do a lot together, but I’m an only child, so I’ve known aloneness (not loneliness) for a long time. When I venture out alone, either locally or abroad, people often ask if I don’t have friends or comment that I’m “so brave”, like eating at a restaurant alone requires courage. It doesn’t. It’s always been my philosophy that if I can’t stand being alone with myself, then how could I expect others to be alone with me too? So Saturday, I drove out to Waimea and sat alone, eating a Korean Chicken sushi roll from Earl’s in the middle of the annual Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival, and admired at the dainty blossoms set against the bright blue sky, while enjoying the warmth of the mid-morning sun. Then, I drove home and strolled through Downtown Hilo. A welcome discovery? Almond macarons from Moonstruck Patisserie and sold personally by the owner herself, Jackie Tan-DeWitt. If you’re ever in Hilo, be sure to stop in! Delicious!

4. Super Bowl Sunday. I look forward to the Super Bowl every year because the day-long American tradition means that I can go anywhere and find it nearly empty. Today, crowds and lines were non-existent in stores and while friends and family were crowded around TV’s, watching a sport I still don’t understand and eating yummy food, I was casually walking through aisles of stores and supermarkets, picking up food for the week. I also took a quick hike in the morning, just to get some fresh air, and as expected, no one was around. I love Super Bowl Sunday!

5. Facebook Hiatuses. I am appreciative of Facebook and all that it does to keep people connected, but it can get overwhelming. I know it’s time to unplug for weeks or months at a time when I’m checking it non-stop. This Friday, I decided to go on hiatus again. I’ll be back, but for now, I want to reconnect without social media and reclaim the time I spend on Facebook to channel it toward more meaningful endeavors.

Hope you all had a great week and here’s to another amazing one!


  1. Sometimes I forget the to check the tag and miss the posts when they don’t link to the blog challenge or post. But better late than never! This week sounds very lovely except for the getting sick part, I hope you’re all better now and that you’ve been having a couple nice weeks thereafter.

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