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Weekly Small Pleasures (#2)

Mokuola Honua

I attended a symposium for the establishment of Mokuola Honua, the Global Center for Indigenous Language Excellence. It was powerful to learn about what’s happening in Scotland, New Zealand, and various indigenous communities around the world and I’m grateful to have been able to stand shoulder to shoulder with colleagues who are committed, not just to the revitalization of their languages, but also the cultural and overall well-being of their respective communities.

Costco Finds

 I love finding new products to try at home. Some are a hit, while others are miss. This time around, I lucked out.

Aidell’s Teriyaki and Pineapple Chicken MeatballsI’m not big on processed foods these days, but on my trip to Costco last Sunday, I found this item in the refrigerator section and thought to give it a try. In typical Costco fashion, these delicious, no-nitrate meatballs come in a monster two-pack that can be refrigerated or frozen for later use. Fully cooked, they’re great for a quick bite, after a thorough re-heat.

LOOKA Frozen Macarons. Hilo is blessed with lovely bakeries that make delicious macarons, but sometimes, I’d like to have one without having to wait for a specific day or time to purchase one. These are good for “in the meantime” and come in a pack of 36: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, pistachio, lemon, and coffee. My favorite? Pistachio, which I always save for last to enjoy.


Dengue Updates

Our district representative, Tulsiimg_2421 Gabbard, is requesting that the Hawaiʻi state governor, David Ige, declare a state of emergency for the dengue outbreak on Hawaiʻi Island. With 242 confirmed cases since September, this is welcome news for the residents of the island, who can’t wait for this outbreak to end. Luckily, we have a plethora of locally made, deet-free mosquito repellant in our stores (national brands understandably cease distribution in the “fall/winter” months). I’m finally getting used to the strong smell and having to apply it before going outside, but better safe than sorry.

Maku’u Farmers’ Market Hana Hou

“Hana Hou” means to do something again; a kind of “encore” like when shouted after someone sings or dances at local parties here. Last week’s Makuʻu Farmers’ Market outing was so great, I decided to go back again this week. In addition to purchasing fresh produce, lunch consisted of a yummy samosa, a chicken panadilla, and locally made lemonade. A nice surprise was that the local company, Filthy Farmgirl, had a stall and I could purchase their natural soaps much cheaper than in stores, while on the confusing end of today’s experience, I stood behind a girl in the panadilla line who had the handle of a large knife sticking out of her cross-body tote. Confusing and a little bit terrifying, but all in all, it was another great time in Pahoa.

Old Navy FINALLY opens on Hawaiʻi Island

After years of ordering stuff online or squeezing in a quick run when on Oʻahu, Old Navy opened its Hilo location last Wednesday and as expected, the entire city went to see what it was all about. It’s a tad smaller than other locations, but Old Navy did not disappoint. Despite the long and winding lines, people seemed to leave happy with their purchases. If you are familiar with Hilo, we really don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to clothes, so this new addition is welcome, but now we’ll all be walking around, wearing the same thing.


KTA Centennial Celebration

img_2426Our local grocery store, KTA, is celebrating 100 years and last week concluded an entire month of celebratory events. KTA has done a lot to serve the Hawaiʻi Island community, while also promoting locally grown and manufactured items. It’s a great place to pick up food for party or dinner, but also to catch up and “talk story” with people we see in the aisles.

Angel Eyes

credit: SBS

Taking a break from homework, I stumbled upon a Korean drama on Netflix called Angel Eyes and was promptly hooked. I won’t do a recap, but the storyline has me crying almost every episode. You might be wondering, why is crying while watching a Korean drama a small pleasure? Sometimes, it’s nice to channel stress into a good cry that you can promptly drop and not think about again. Also, have you seen Lee Sang Yoon? Wow.

That’s it for this week. See you next week and don’t forget to check out Mani’s latest post on A New Life Wandering!


  1. I always save the best for last too when it comes to food, pistachio macarons are so good. I’m looking forward to when the farmers markets open again here, but it won’t be until spring. Have a nice week!

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