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Weekly Small Pleasures (#1)

I stumbled upon the Weekly Small Pleasures blog event on fellow blogger Mani’s A New Life Wandering. Although I’m late to the party, it’s exciting to have the opportunity to reflect upon and post about things that make every week special.

  1. Mauna Kea – I took a trip to Kona yesterday to pick up replacement contact lenses from Costco, after 2 months of being forced to use glasses. On the way home, I popped in a new pair and the first thing I saw was Mauna Kea. Beautiful.
  2. ʻŌlena Tea – My friend Miles gave me a box of ʻōlena (turmeric) he harvested from his garden and I’m so excited. Nothing wrong with the processed powder, but using fresh roots are way better, so after sharing my stash, I cleaned, grated, and froze the rest. Now, I have a cup of tea every night before bed. In addition to its long standing ayurvedic benefits, the root is also used in Hawaiʻi as a tea/tonic for maintaining overall health.
    • Kainoa’s recipe: Add boiling water to a teaspoon of grated ʻōlena in a mug. After a minute, add a slice of ginger, a couple of crushed peppercorns, a drop of almond oil, and top it all off with unsweetened almond milk. Microwave for 2.5 minutes and then let it steep for another minute before sending it through a strainer to remove everything before enjoying it. One mug a day.
  3. Ti Leaf and Lei – I’ll be attending a conference tomorrow and needed to make a few lei for arriving guests. It was perfect timing because my ti leaf plants needed pruning. The longer they’re allowed to grow, the taller the stalks, but the leaves shrink. What’s great about ti leaves is that if you cut them down to the ground, they’ll begin sprouting again. As for the stalks, if soaked in clean water for a couple of days until sprouts begin to appear and they can be planted horizontally for a whole new set of ti leaves. In addition to lei, ti leaves continue to have multiple uses in modern times.
  4. Bleu Cupcakery – I picked up a couple of delicious cupcakes at this absolutely beautiful boutique cupcake shop in Kona. The interior design of the space and cupcake stands are both cute and sophisticated and even though they didn’t have my favorite matcha frosting on hand, the cupcakes were still divine.
  5. Books in the Mail – In preparation for my intense summer classes, I’m getting a jump on my reading and my first book arrived in the mail this week. Believe it or not, I’m excited.

That’s it! Have a wonderful week!

Mani’s Weekly Small Pleasures #74


  1. These are great! I was wondering what your turmeric tea recipe was and then I kept reading and there it was! I’ve tried it differently with powdered turmeric and recently found the root in my local grocery store. I love using it in smoothies too. I hope you have a wonderful new week!

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