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Aloha 2015! Our Year in Photos














a special mahalo to our dear friend Adrel, who is always there to capture special moments for us.


  1. What a lovely year you’ve had! I hope that 2016 will bring you happiness and oodles of great fun and photos … one thing ‘d like to warn you about though is that your blog site seems to have been hacked. I tried to get through to you clicking your link in my notifications when I saw your likes today on my site, but it took me to an ad for sex toys. Then I tried to google your site and I was rerouted again. I was able to get here via your avatar (gravatar). I think you will have to look into this through the WordPress help centre. I hope you can resolve your problem asap, it is a shame that your readers may be being rerouted elsewhere! I remember you well from those far-off Pixelventures days with affection. Blessings to you all. Bastet

    • Mahalo for the heads up, Bastet! Unfortunately, on our hiatus, our domain lapsed, so we’re back to our usual wordpress address: holohologirls.wordpress.com

      We will contact the help centre as you suggested and hopefully get this sorted out. Happy new year, Bastet and we wish you an amazing 2016!

      • I hope you can get that solved … perhaps someone bought your domain and that is very sad indeed! Thanks for the New Year wishes … and give my best to Carolina.

      • Aloha Baset! Mahalo for following our blog and calling attention to our domain site redirection. It’s been a lot of blogging edits all thanks to Kainoa. Am glad she has been able to change the url. We will be back writing this year. Exciting journey this coming year.

      • Glad to hear you’ll be back in the saddle and most of all that you got that site redirection under control .. good for Kainoa! Happy journey this coming year and most of all lots of fun! Ciao! Bastet

    • We never realized what a full year 2015 was until we posted the pics. I’m sure if you both did the same, you’d also have a lovely year in images as well!

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