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We’re Back!

It’s been a little over a year since our last official post and since then, a lot has happened to each of us. In case you’re wondering, no, nothing happened between us. Our friendship has remained in tact. It’s just that for the past year, our respective lives required us to drift in different directions and so our friendship flexed and endured, as any strong friendship should. We have continued to love and support each other despite the distance, through celebrations and triumphs, through trials and tribulations, just like we’ve always done, even before Holoholo Girls.

Although we felt guilty about letting our little blog go, the time away was good. It provided us with a bit of perspective. We are different now than we were a year ago. Much different. We are stronger, smarter, and more mature, and so our blog will reflect that growth. We will continue to blog as a way to explore our changing and emerging perspectives, but our collective focus may make a slight shift, so bear with us, as we begin the arduous task of reinvention. As you know, transformation is never easy.

The first thing you probably noticed is that we are no longer at our previous domain, so we’re back to holohologirls.wordpress.com. Please be sure to update your links. The second is this slick, new layout, we’re trying out. Carolina will likely be delving deeper into the realm of motherhood and family. You’ll see some posts transferred in from Kainoa’s defunct solo blog effort, Huaka’i Hele. And Rogene’s jewelry business, The Bead Genie, is taking off, so you’ll likely be seeing a lot more of her artistic and entrepreneurial perspectives. We’ve all been doing a bit of travel in the past year and will be sharing that with you in new posts and photos. Like we said, we’ve been busy.

We like to think the “old” HG was when we were caterpillars, cute with a little bit of baby fat, although we couldn’t possibly pull off using horizontal stripes. The year we were gone, we were preparing for and entered into chrysalis. Now, our little butterfly legs (well, not so little) are breaking through the membrane, reaching for warmth and we’re about to emerge, new and sassy and ready to take on the world.