Kainoa, Transitions

The Witch is Dead

321882_4705249036055_1914933895_oI recently decided to cease my involvement in matters that had left me feeling powerless, frustrated, and miserable. It took me a while to work through the implications of such a decision, but I’m now the happiest I’ve been in months. People have since asked me what made me move from complaining and coping to confronting and changing, so here’s what led me to say goodbye to miserable me:

  • Happiness is a choice. I had gotten to a point where I felt like all the little things in my life were happening beyond my control. Although it might’ve appeared to be true, the bigger choice of remaining in the situation or leaving it was entirely up to me, so I chose to go.
  • Walking the walk. I’ve spent a lot of my life mentoring people and one of the things I’ve repeated over the years is, “Whatever you’re dealing with or coming to terms with is yours to manage and control.” Whether it means actively seeking help or working through everything alone, before doling out such bold advice, shouldn’t I probably do the same?
  • Life is short. I’ve lived my entire life taking advantage of every opportunity afforded to me and not waiting for that “someday” to do everything on a bucket list that I’ve compiled over the course of my lifetime. Time is a precious commodity. Why spend it being upset?
  • Know thyself. I’ve not been my positive and funny self for quite some time and those closest to me began to see the gradual, but noticeable difference. I knew it too, but I had decided to stick with things and falling deeper into martyr syndrome. The problem is that if my fuel tank is empty, how can I possibly help others? How could I possibly help people find their passion when I’d let mine slip away?

I’m excited for this new chapter in my life, writing and dancing, learning and thriving, and living fully in every moment.

I sincerely wish the same for you.