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678 Hawaii

I’ve been wanting to try Kang Ho Dong’s restaurant, 678 Hawaii, when it first opened its doors in 2012, but because I never spend more than 4 hours in O’ahu at a time, I’ve never had the pleasure, so I was tickled when a group of us went there for dinner on Wednesday night.

IMG_1635We decided on the large Mixed Combo with pork belly, prime rib eye, and a marinated boneless short rib, and also came with 2 stews, so we ordered the kimchi and the seafood soft tofu stews. There was a nice variety of side dishes awaiting us on the table, along with a refreshing greens you can mix into a spicy salad, with what I could recognize included scallions, bean sprouts, lettuce, and gojuchang (pepper paste). For good measure, we ordered some melon soju. Everything was delicious, and even though we had pupus (finger food) prior to our reservation, we still threw back a considerable amount of food, then packed the rest.

The service was exceptional and the patrons reflected a broad mix, from families, to college students, to visiting Korean tourists, and all were made to feel at home. The servers were attentive and patient while answering our newbie questions and diligently turning the meat on our grill.

My favorite of the night was the seafood soft tofu soup and if I ever go back, I will order just that, along with another gigantic teapot of sweet and dangerous melon soju.

If I still lived in Oʻahu, I’d probably go to 678 Hawaii at least once a month, so if you’ve not yet been, what are you waiting for?