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IMG_0573It’s been awhile since I actually invested in luggage. A few years ago, I was given a standard issue LL Bean rolling duffle for hula-related travel, which has served me well in the thousands of miles of flying, but now that I’m about to embark on my next chapter of traveling and I want stuff that meets my needs.

To Wheel or Not to Wheel?

I began exploring suitcases, duffles, even travel backpacks and was fairly certain I would be moving toward a travel backpack. I appreciate the concept of strapping your luggage to your person, but after a reality check, I had to ‘fess up to being a lightweight when it comes to carrying weight for extended periods of time. I ruled out the Tortuga Travel Backpack, despite excellent reviews, and dismissed the Pacsafe Duffelsafe that converts to a backpack, which had all the bells and whistles of anti-theft technology I was looking for.

The thought of a regular suitcase did cross my mind, but it’s restrictive in terms of form and I’m notorious for buying weird shaped gift items to bring home. Although a suitcase can provide some order when packing, it’s not a deal breaker for me. Learning how to pack more efficiently and effectively is the name of the game and I also make use of packing cubes I bought on a trip to Korea.

So I’ve doubled back to the rolling duffle. I’ve not been disappointed with this option. It’s given me just the amount of space and flexibility to pack how and what I need, so after another exhaustive search, I am now stewing on the AT120 anti-theft wheeled adventure duffle from PacSafe. Because it’s new, I haven’t seen reviews, but would greatly appreciate any insight on this product.

Totes Adorbs

I think about how I’ve traveled in the past and know I’ve got to change my ways. I’ve been cautious and lucky, but one can never be too careful, so I decided to look at some travel bags. The two companies that came up consistently for anti-theft totes are Travelon and Pacsafe. Both companies’ products have implemented features like slash-safe technology, RFID blocking, locking zippers, and cut-proof straps. Travelon is slightly cheaper than Pacsafe, but the latter has more design and material choices. I’m considering Pacsafe’s Citysafe LS 200, but I’m not 100% sold.

Who Are You?

I recently bought a collapsible tote that came with a RuMeID tag. Have you heard of this? Well, you might’ve, but I’ve been living under a rock, so let me just say, it’s cool! Register the tag, attach it to your stuff, and if someone should happen upon it, they can scan the QR code on the tag and your name and contact information pop up.

The other product I found is Tile. When attached to or placed in your stuff, like purses or luggage, this contraption helps you find it using your phone. I can’t explain the Bluetooth technology in detail (I’ve just emerged from beneath a rock, remember?), but it seems like a good investment too, even if it’s just to find misplaced keys. Granted, there’s no guarantee you’ll recover your stuff, but this technology could change things up for travelers.

Do you have any travel gear recommendations? Anything’s better than garbage bag, duct tape, and a prayer, right?