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Playing with Snapseed

Bastet’s Pixelventures challenged us with playing with apps.  I found that I really like using snapseed in altering my photos.

This week’s challenge was fun.  While walking around my mom’s garden I came across a bush of Hawaiian Chili Pepper.  Oh so spicy!

Hawaiian Chili Pepper

photo altered using snapseed

hawaiian chili

pepper how you tempt me to

make a local dish

Hawaiian Chili Pepper (Org)

original photo



  1. Is that not ‘cool’! Loved how you played around with Snapseed a really interesting contribution!

    • Mahalo. It was a fun prompt. Didn’t think much of how the apps worked but now find them interesting.

      • That makes me happy … you can do some great things playing with apps and the more you get to know them, the better you can play!

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