Month: June 2014

Playing with Snapseed

Bastet’s Pixelventures challenged us with playing with apps.  I found that I really like using snapseed in altering my photos. This week’s challenge was fun.  While walking around my mom’s garden I came across a bush of Hawaiian Chili Pepper.  Oh so spicy! hawaiian chili pepper how you tempt me to make a local dish  

Perspective: Futbol Fans

In light of the World Cup happening in Brazil, I thought I’d go dig through my archives from our visit to Argentina in 2009.  During our stop in Arequito, our Rotary GSE was invited to go to the local futbol (soccer) game between Club Atletico Belgrano and Club Atletico 9 de Julio.  This was a very exciting game and I had never seen so many enthused fans.  There were fans everywhere, even a few who climbed to the top tower of the support beams of the bleacher stands. Check out other blogs participating in Bastet’s Pixleventure: Perspective.

Looking Up: King Kamehameha Statue

On Wednesday, June 11, the State of Hawai’i celebrated King Kamehameha Day, in honor of the first monarch to unit all the Hawaiian Islands.  On this day, all of the statues here in Hawai’i can be found draped in beautiful fresh leis.  It is a magnificent sight to see.  Even with the occasional down pour in Hilo, there were several well attended festivities to celebrate this day. Check out other blogs participating in Bastet’s Pixelventure: Looking Up! and Travel with Intent: Look Up, Look Down Challenge.  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Earlier this year, my hālau performed upon the kahua hula at Kaʻauea in Volcanoes National Park. On that day, we prepared for the exhibition in this thatched single room hale. According to the Historic Hawaiʻi Foundation, the hale was originally erected in 1980 and has been maintained and restored throughout the years. On that day, rays of sunlight and stray raindrops came through the roof above, while smooth pebbles gently massaged the soles of my feet with every step. Hundreds of dancers whose hālau prepared to demonstrate their respective traditions once stood where I stood and hundreds more would do the same after me. I was grateful to join such an illustrious membership. The kahua hula we danced upon was the brainchild of Edith Kanakaʻole. Edith played an integral role in the proliferation of Hawaiian culture within and beyond traditional and western educational systems and I consider her one of my contemporary role models. Edith understood the importance of cultural education and devoted her life to the endeavor of perpetuating Hawaiian lifestyles for the well-being of our community. Dancing to Pele, Edith’s ancestor, smoldering at Halemaʻumaʻu in the distance, was a mahalo to Edith …

Reflection: Microsoft or Apple?

On one of my visits to the Mall of America in Minneapolis, as I as admiring the variety of stores I came across the Microsoft store, and interestingly the Apple store was directly in front of it.  Since it was still very early in the morning, there weren’t any customers around, but I wonder what it must be like at peak hour.  Are there more customers in one store over the other? Check out other blogs participating in Bastet’s Pixelventure – Reflection: