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Romantic Tango in Buenos Aires

I love dancing, but I also love watching couples dance the Argentine Tango.  The intensity of the dance is very moving and can transpose you to another place.  During my visit to Buenos Aires, we spent an entire day in the district of La Boca.  It is such a unique neighborhood.  And it is said through many romantic stories that the tango originated from La Boca.  I love the bright colors of the  buildings along the shoreline painted in bold colors.  You can also find artisans painting or singing along the sidewalk.  My favorite is coming across the impromptu tango repertoires performed by the dancers.  You can never tell when a couple of dancers will show up and brighten your day with a lovely tango.

Tango on the sidewalk of La Boca (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


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      • I was told for years that I had no aptitude for dancing by many people over the years. Turns out I can belly dance. I just hated the rigidity of classical dances. Not fun enough.

      • That is awesome. Belly dance takes a lot of lower body control. Do you perform or is it more for hobby?

      • It is a hobby. I was so happy to find that I wasn’t dance impaired as many people claimed. I just hadn’t found the one that suited me.

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