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A Wahine Wednesday Holoholo

Here’s to family, cheers to art. Here’s to an excellent adventure and the stopping never start. Jason Mraz

IMG_0922Looking back, you could say that I started my holoholo last year, March 13, 2013. On that dreary, cold Southern California morning, my friend and I committed to surf 52 Wednesdays as a way to restore the stoke – the joy, the excitement, the peace you get while surfing – to our lives. Somehow, somewhere along the highway of life, we forgot to take the time to re-energize our souls with what we love best – our love to surf. So, we surfed our 52 consecutive Wednesdays, sometimes alone but more often with friends, and reclaimed our stoke. We called our journey Wahine Wednesday.

In the early stages of Wahine Wednesday, we would talk, joke and truthfully dream about taking a Hawaiian surf trip: blue skies, turquoise seas, warm water… The ultimate surf trip with our fellow wahines, the gals we surfed with when we found our stoke the first time oh so many years ago.

I have always believed in the power of ones dreams and intentions and as a daily reminder I set up my blog account as Hawaii ’14. As Wahine Wednesdays progressed, the encouragement received from other surfers got us to take the little steps to make our dream come true. Last week, the first full week of May, Paula, Karen, Cindy, Lorraine & I finally got to surf in the shadow of Diamond Head, on the glorious waves of Waikiki.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. Oprah Winfrey

IMG_1074 One Hour. One hour is all the time it took for us to disembark from the airplane to paddling out to our first surf session – how’s that for stoke! In the end, we had seven surf sessions in 4 days. Each session began with amazingly long paddles over the reef, to the channel, and out to breaks called Three’s, Paradise, Pops, and Canoes. Long paddles that gave me the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounded me: the beauty of Diamond Head in the shifting light; the gentle caress of warm clear blue salt water; the abundant life that lives in the reef.   And the waves! I surfed so much I dreamed of waves: cold, grey steep Bolsa waves; slow rolling green SanO waves; but mostly warm, blue glassy Waikiki waves.

When we weren’t surfing, we continued to holoholo. Between the tall buildings lining the beach, we discovered Henry’s homemade coconut and lychee ice creams; Island fried rice and coconut pancakes; and homemade soba noodles. In the glamorous Waikiki hotels, I saw old school surfboards and the tallest/oldest Tiare plant I have ever seen. On the North Shore, we swam in Waimea Bay, snorkeled with honus, and contemplated Pipeline. It’s the quiet season on the North Shore, and I left wondering what it would be like when the swells hits…

Whenever I leave someplace or something new, I usually come away with the desire to learn and experience more. I want to see and feel (from shore) the rockstar waves of Pipeline. Wahine Wednesdays, the blog, inspired me to learn more about the craft of writing. This surf trip motivated me to push my surfing skills and to surf more locales. And at the same time, my perspective of the everyday things in my life changes too. I noticed this week that the waters at Bolsa are more a dark, bottle green and not grey. I truly missed and cherish the chatter and busyness of my family. I find that a holoholo expands my mind while it makes my heart grateful: Holoholo is good for my soul.

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. James Cahill

10308233_296468193848639_6733679200505989276_nThis tremendous dream of an experience happened because of the wonderful wahines that traveled with me. Together, we met people in and out of the water. Amazing people who live on Oahu who helped us experience the island and create connections to a place most of us had never been to before. The openness, generosity, and earnestness of the people of Oahu touched our hearts.

But I missed meeting a new friend by a matter of hours: while we were preparing for our departure, Holoholo wahine Carolina was in Honolulu for work. Our cyber friendship began through the mutual liking of each other’s blogs. I loved that these three wahines have been to places I have never dreamed of (but now I do), have a diverse range of interests, and proudly share their culture with all of their blog followers. I have to confess that after reading the Holoholo blog, I was a little disappointed at how commercial Waikiki is and longed for the more local experiences that I had been reading about.

Already, I feel another holoholo brewing in my head, one that involves the islands of Hawaii. But I am afraid this post has gone on long enough and hopefully the next one will include meeting the lovely and talented Holoholo wahines.

Mahalo nui loa to you all,


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  1. Mahalo, Tiare. So glad to hear you had a wonderful adventure in Hawai’i. I wish I had the dedication to do an activity, like surfing, on a weekly basis. What an accomplishment! Rock it! I hope our paths cross and we can chat over an ice shave.

    • Thank you for asking me to share our experiences on your blog! I too hope to meet over an ice shave one day…but until then I look forward to reading your next post!

    • Yes, Hawaii is amazing! Believe me, we spent a lot of time just enjoying the warm water near shore too!

  2. parentinginnky2013 says

    A Wahine Wednesday Holoholo – restoring that joy and peace is so important. Kudos to you for following through 🙂

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