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Lost in Santiago de Chile

Leaving my small town of Hilo, to live in Santiago de Chile in South America was a pretty big culture shock for me.  Although I was caught up in my classes and learning to navigate a city in a foreign language, I was always in a trance when it came to all the people who surrounded me on my daily commute to downtown.


I enjoy people watching, but this took it to a whole new level.  Every day I was surrounded by thousands of people.  Living in the capital city of Chile with a population of about six million people was a bit of shell shock for this small town girl.  But, I thrived in the anonymity.  I loved that I didn’t know them.  I could stare and they would never remember me.  From the balcony of my apartment, I had a clear view of Plaza Italia and the entrance to the metro.

plaza italia

I was always shocked how protests would always spring up at different times of the year.  If it wasn’t due to elections, it was because a particular soccer team did not win, or a group just wanted their voice heard.  I had never witnessed this before in my life. Sometimes, I would find myself standing on the balcony just watching as the crowd would spill onto the streets.  When they blocked the cars from passing through, the police would have to move in, but otherwise, they would allow the people to gather together.

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  1. Great pix to accompany your entry this week! Thanks so much for participating.

    • Mahalo. First thing that came to mind for “S” was Santiago and all the memories came flooding back.

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