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Spring Activity in Hilo nei

In one of our previous posts, Spring is in the Air, we noted that it is always difficult to differentiate between the seasons here in Hawai’i.  But, based on the school calendar, we know that school will get out soon, so it’s always great to indulge in a few outdoor activities.  Here are a few photos from this weekend’s mother’s day outing at Moku Ola (aka Coconut Island).


Grilling along the shoreline of Moku Ola.  Photo Credit: A. Vicente

After a full belly, we walked to the opposite end of the island to the rock wall tower structure which looks like the remains of a wharf or pier to watch as the youth climbed and jumped into the ocean. Our overseas guests wanted to also join in the fun. As good hosts, we had to show them how it was done.  Just climbing up the first level of the structure on shaky legs, I had a boost of adrenaline rushing through my body to help me make the jump.  Rogene and I were not as brave as Adrel who jumped from both levels, including the highest one.

The day was very calm, with hardly any trade winds.  It was not a good one for kayak sailing, but it involved a great leg and upper arm workout.  JQ and Boris got to sail past the Hilo break wall and enjoy the views.


Photo Credit: A. Vicente

The outing at Moku Ola ended with a gorgeous view of the sun behind a puff of clouds as it began to descend behind Mauna Kea.  Adrel captured a plane as it was arriving into Hilo, too.  I was pleasantly surprised with the way the day turned out – weather cooperated with us, food was plentiful, and most of all the camaraderie was magnificent.


Photo Credit: A. Vicente

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  1. Oh these are fun! Thanks Carolina…I wish I were there … and I love that last photo, it’s breath-taking, what a beautiful place you live in! Thanks for participating again this week with such a great post. Bastet 😉

    • Mahalo, Georgia. I love your prompts. It really encourages me to go out and see life with a different lens. Glad you liked the photos.

      • Thank you so much Carolina! This is a wonderful compliment for me, I’m really happy you enjoy the prompts and feel inspired by them. A big hug and aloha … Georgia.

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