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Pele, Goddess of Fire

Hawai’i Island is known for its active volcanoes where Madam Pele, the Goddess of Fire resides. We are always very conscious of mother nature and pay tribute to her in many hula dances and meles (songs).  During the 2014 Merrie Monarch Festival, Hilo’s Hālau Nā Lei Hiwahiwa ʻO Kuʻualoha honored Pele through their hula kahiko performance.

Hālau Nā Lei Hiwahiwa ʻO Kuʻualoha under the direction of Kumu Sammye Kuʻualoha Young (Hilo, Hawaiʻi). This hula is honoring Pele with a firey performance of the mele “Aia Lā ʻO Pele Ka Wahine ʻAi Honua” composed by Kumu Hana Pau in 2004

Pele, the goddess

of Fire.  You move me to feel

the passion of life.

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  1. Great Caroline…and you wrote a beautiful poem…I’m very happy you brought the fierceness through with your imagery! Great contribution.

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  3. tempestletrope says

    I’ve always been interested in the various mythologies of the world. I remember reading a story when I was only six years old about a young Hawaiian girl and her family’s journey after a volcano erupts. I wish I could remember the name of it, it was a favorite of mine at the time.
    I’m visiting from the A to Z road trip list. One of my team’s blogs is Poetry of the Netherworld.

    • Mahalo for visiting. I don’t know the story you mentioned, but sounds like an adventurous one. Will have to check out your blog, too.

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