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Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction

Write at least one six-word story and one piece of flash fiction.


300-word flash fiction

This morning, she perfunctorily put on the black dress she had laid out the night before and vowed to herself in the mirror that she would hold it together today. All eyes would be on her and she didn’t want to give those cruel strangers the satisfaction of watching her cry.

IMG_0569Thanks to him, she was in an awkward situation. His wife and three children had not known about her until the end, so when she entered the funeral home, a hush came over the room and people leaned in to whisper furiously, probably wondering what nerve she had to even show her face.

She adjusted her black wide-brimmed hat and put her dark glasses back on, then found a seat toward the back of the room. A big, fat tear sat atop her lower lashes, so she blinked to allow it to fall. It ran down her cheeks and landed on her hands, which were crossed on her lap.

She had barely paid attention to what was said during the service, but appreciated the kind words. As she found out, he had been a generous and loving man and she was grateful to have known him, albeit for a brief moment.

“I invite you to come up say goodbye, one last time,” the funeral director announced, signaling the end of the service.

She stayed in her seat and watched as people from the front rows moved toward the coffin. The line moved fairly quickly while she contemplating joining the exercise.

Everyone then filed out of the room, including his family, who didn’t pay her mind as they walked by. When the room was empty, she finally got up to approach the casket. They had used too much make up on him.

She leaned down and whispered, “Goodbye, Dad.”


6-word story

He loathed oatmeal, but never complained.


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