Month: April 2014

N is for Nāhuku

Nāhuku is the Hawaiian name for Thurston Lava Tube in Volcanoes National Park here on Hawaiʻi Island. It’s one of my favorite locations in the park because it’s located within a lush rain forest area. The native birds chirp away happily in the trees and every so often, mist will move through the area, depositing moisture onto everything in its path. Walking thru Nāhuku, the temperature drops considerably, but there is serenity in the darkness and in hearing the sound of every step bouncing of the walls of the cave. In no time, eyes adjust and the native foliage bend to welcome you back to the light.  April is the start of the A to Z challenge. Check out other blogs participating in this challenge at:

M is for Muse

What once was an organized and relatively clean home, is now a home full of creative opportunities.  I like to tell my self this when ever I see the clutter of toys, bibs, baby blankets, straw cups, and other baby related items scattered in my home.  When I would find my spouse’s stuff all over the place it would drive me nuts.  Compared to him, I cannot believe how one little person has caused more confusion and chaos, but I am learning to find comfort in our beautiful mess. I have noticed that my baby’s stuffed animal giraffe is the central theme when it comes to playing, eating, bathing, and dressing.  At our baby shower, one of my colleagues gifted me a set of giraffe toys, which trickled into various giraffe like items.  I never thought I would find it amusing to watch my little one interact with her giraffe. When she eats, she wants her giraffe to also eat.  When she is ready for her nap, she makes sure her giraffe is also tucked …

L is for Listening

I spend many nights awake. Often I hear the wind rustling the leaves outside my window. Other times I can hear the high pitch sounds of the uncontrollable coqui frogs singing to some quirky beat. But my most favorite sound is listening to the rhythm of my baby’s breathing. Sometimes I’ll hear her quietly snoring. Other times she mumbles a tune in her sleep. When the air is still just the tiniest sound from her can put me at ease. I am grateful for each day I get to spend time with her even if it’s during the middle of the night.   Across the Bored’s Two Cents Tuesday Challenge is Grateful: April is the start of the A to Z challenge. Check out other blogs participating in this challenge at:

K is for Kittens

It’s been a little less than 6 months since we lost Simon and although we still miss him terribly, it was time to bring some feline company and energy back into our lives. We ended up going back to the Hawaii Island Humane Society, where we adopted Simon, and came home with 2 tiger tabby kittens, who are brothers from the same litter. Although they’re bundles of energy, we couldn’t be happier. Here are Max and Jax, the newest members of the family. April is the start of the A to Z challenge. Check out other blogs participating in this challenge at:

J is for Juicing

Juicing is the most effective and immediate way to inject grade A nutrition into the body.  A potent elixir that is sure to add a “pep to your step” and a sweet sounding hum in the bowels of the body’s engine.       April is the start of the A to Z challenge. Check out other blogs participating in this challenge at:

I is for Illusion

When visiting California, I like to spend some time admiring the buildings – apartments, hotels or homes.  They are usually made out of concrete covered with stucco, which is a sharp contract to those normally found in Hilo. I am always impressed with the large entrances, tiles, windows, wrought iron balconies/railings, and a courtyard with a water feature. Well, what do you know, here in Hilo, our downtown United States Post Office has quite an impressive façade.  The Mediterranean Renaissance Revival architectural style from the 1900s influenced the design of this building.  I love standing in the courtyard listening to the water trickle through the fountain.  The tiles have aged since it was built, but since it is has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places, I think it will continue to be maintained for many more years to come. Visit other blogs participating in Bastet’s Pixelventures – Illusion: April is the start of the A to Z challenge. Check out other blogs participating in this challenge at:        

H is for Hats

I love hats. They are, by far, my favorite weekend accessory. I like to think I have the head and face to pull off wearing them, but the reality is, putting one on is easier than having to style my uncooperative hair. Fashionable or lazy? I’ll admit, maybe a little of both. April is the A to Z challenge. Check out other participating blogs at:

side orders | Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

For this week’s challenge, you must write a fifty-word story. Not five thousand, not five hundred, but precisely fifty words. She ducks into her favorite booth, the tacky vinyl sticking to the backs of her legs as she slides toward her favorite part of the seat. Once there, she breathes in the familiar and usually comforting aroma of coffee and pancakes, but it doesn’t make her feel better. Not today.   I really enjoyed this challenge, since it allows me to dabble in fiction without fully committing. Whatever idea for a story, I can fit succinctly into 50 precise words and then step away. I like that. I might do more of it.  Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty |  

G is for Gelato

One of my favorite desserts is vanilla bean ice-cream.   However, when ever I visit Lima, Peru, I always indulge in a hefty serving of flavorful gelato made with local Peruvian fruits from Cafeladeria 4D.  It was by chance that I found this place with one of my classmates back in the days when I was studying abroad in Peru.  I remember the day we walked into Cafeladeria 4D it was a very warm summer.  We decided to follow the crowd down the street to the cafe.  At first I thought why would I want to go to a cafe and drink a warm beverage?  But, when I saw what was in store for me, I was in heaven. During every visit to Cafeladeria 4D, regardless of time of the year, I have found delicious gelatos made from various local fruits as well as those made with rich decadent flavors that include chocolate.  There are so many flavors to choose from that one visit is not enough.  The portions are generous and while you ponder which …

F is for Ficus Benghalensis

What the heck is Ficus Benghalensis you ask?  It’s also known as the Indian Banyan Tree.  Luckily for me you can find it growing throughout Hawai’i Island.  I always wondered how these massive trees arrived in Hawai’i as it is not a native plant.  I did a bit of digging to learn more. Along our Banyan Drive in Hilo, where all the major hotels are located, you will find these large trees lined along the road.  About eighty years ago the Hilo Parks Commission had these trees planted by celebrities, politicians, athletes and even religious leaders.  Today, when you walk past these trees you can see a plaque with the individual’s name and the year it was planted. These large Banyan trees always take my breath away.  Sitting under one of these massive trees, you feel very tiny and protected with all of its exposed branches.  Sometimes, when we hangout along Banyan Drive, it feels so peaceful and tranquil to be there.  When the wind blows, the leaves brush together creating a soothing sound.  For …

E is for Expression

Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively? I have a variety of artistic outlets, but my favorite is dancing. I began dancing hula as a child and quit before high school. In the years I wasn’t dancing hula, I tried other dance forms, like jazz, ballet, latin, even modern. I also endured my fair share of dance-related injuries, including shin splints, sprains, and a dislocated knee. 6 years ago, I returned to hula and have been dancing regularly, twice a week, for 2-3 hours each practice. For me, hula isn’t just exercise. It has permeated all aspects of my life, informing my career, my life, and my relationships. It’s taken me to grand and humble stages around the world to learn about new cultures and dance forms, and to be able to recognize and honor their parallels to Hawai’i.  As Maya Angelou has said, “we are all more similar than different” and that truth has been reaffirmed in the connections I’ve forged, engaging with the people, environments, and myths of those locales, all while knowing myself …