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U is for Ukulele

The State of Hawai’i was just about to pass a bill to name the ukulele as the state instrument.  But, fans of other instruments spoke up to request that their musical instrument such as the ‘ipu gourd and steel guitar also be considered.  I wish I was gifted in playing the ukulele, but unfortunately, even after several attempts, my fingers hurt from strumming the nylon string and gripping the neck of the instrument.

This week here in Hilo nei we are in the midst of the Merrie Monarch hula festivities.  On stage while the hula dancers are performing a hula ‘auana (modern hula), the back up singers will be accompanied by musicians or they themselves will readily be playing a ukulele.  It is one of those instruments that is small enough to be easily transported and available during an impromptu back yard jam.  

MM Performers

These musicians are accompanying a hula dancer performing during Merrie Monarch. The ukulele is the instrument held by middle musician.

Several intermediate schools here in Hawai’i offer ukulele classes in school.  They even have marching ukulele bands that perform at various events in the community.   I wish they offered this option when I was young.  Perhaps I would be playing the ukulele, too.  

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  1. String instruments of any sort attract me…but yes, the poor fingers have to make their calluses. Lovely post.

    • Mahalo. Yes, was trying to build my calluses, but was not able to get that far. Maybe one day, I will attempt again.

      • I have always found string instruments to be one of my favorite instruments, too. Maybe band aides would work. I’ll try it again in the near future.

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