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S is for Sand Dunes

When visiting Peru, one of the places to include on your list is the Ica Region, also known to the Peruvians as the “Land of the Sun”.  The land is very fertile due to the warm dry climate. There is an abundance of grapes grown here.  This area is also known for the delicious Pisco – the national drink of Peru.  There are many vineyards found in this area attracting many visitors all year round.

Sunset Sand Dunes Ica, Peru

But, one of my favorite things about this area is the massive sand dunes surrounding the area. After a nice visit with various vineyards, and an afternoon at Huacachinaas we were headed back to the hotel, we noticed several locals climbing up to the top of the sand dune behind our hotel.  We asked at the front desk what they were doing and where they were going.  All my husband heard was sand surfing and he was very excited.

Sand surfing

We were very lucky to have stared the climb before dusk so we could climb the enormous sand dune and enjoy the sunset while hitting the slopes.  I was so out of breath that by the time I made it to the top, my legs felt like jello.   Hubs wasn’t gonna let this opportunity go, so he strapped on the sand board and had a few good rides.  It looked a bit scary, but he had fun.  Being one of my favorite times of the day, I shall always remember the stunning sunset in the background as I watched hubs sand boarding.

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  2. That is amazing. There is a huge dune in NC where I use to live but nothing like that.

    • I wonder if you would be able to sand board on your dune. That would be a new trend. 😊

    • Thanks. I never thought we would have so much fun. It’s sometimes good to just go with the flow.

  3. So neat! Did you spot any chinchillas? We have one as a pet, and I’ve heard they’re native to Peru. Beautiful photos!

  4. Oh I love this, reminds me of my holiday. I just made an entry from my Devon holiday where we stayed by the sand dunes. You have a lovely site by the way x

    • These last few letters have been a bit difficult to churn out posts. Hoping to finish in a few days and take a break from any more challenges. =P

      • yes i think a break is needed, i am doing the 201 aswell, it was prob a mistake but bad timing for two challenges i really wanted to do at the same time x

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