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R is for Rest and Relaxation

Rest is the sweet sauce of labor.



We live in a culture that has a dysfunctional view of time; we are programmed to achieve, perform and work towards goals with the assumption that relief (or reward) is earned through hard labor.

But at what price?

Today, around the world, too many people are re-enacting The Longest Day every day.  Casualties lay strewn on the “beaches” of our lives. Marriages. Families. Wives, Husbands. Children.

Visiting friends and family from afar have often commented on how “it must be nice to live in paradise,” and how they “wish” they could be on vacation 365 days a year.

My response: “I may live in paradise, but by no means am I on vacation all year long.” I am quick to correct that misconception.  Just like any other hard working person in the world, I labor to sustain the necessities of life, battling the “beaches” of work.

So how does one find respite from the occasional stings of life’s stray jellyfish?

Treat yourself to some Rest and Relaxation on a lazy Sunday afternoon under a beachside cabana with a refreshing tropical beverage in one hand and a book in the other.




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A transplant from the island of Guam, Rogene has lived in Hawai’i for 20 years. She has a great love for photography, travel, food and DIY projects. Rogene is also a jewelry maker/designer, creating custom pieces for women and men that reflect their personality and lifestyle.


  1. We live in vacation world too (near Disney World) and it’s true, we’re seldom on vacation, but I do love living so close to the beaches, cruise ports, fireworks and fun. It’s rare that we take a moment to just kick back though. Need to do that more often.

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    • Crystal, I think it may be time for that vacation. You deserve it! Thanks for stopping by.

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