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M is for Muse

What once was an organized and relatively clean home, is now a home full of creative opportunities.  I like to tell my self this when ever I see the clutter of toys, bibs, baby blankets, straw cups, and other baby related items scattered in my home.  When I would find my spouse’s stuff all over the place it would drive me nuts.  Compared to him, I cannot believe how one little person has caused more confusion and chaos, but I am learning to find comfort in our beautiful mess.

cupcakeI have noticed that my baby’s stuffed animal giraffe is the central theme when it comes to playing, eating, bathing, and dressing.  At our baby shower, one of my colleagues gifted me a set of giraffe toys, which trickled into various giraffe like items.  I never thought I would find it amusing to watch my little one interact with her giraffe.

When she eats, she wants her giraffe to also eat.  When she is ready for her nap, she makes sure her giraffe is also tucked away.  When we go for a car ride, her giraffe is also buckled in.  I don’t recall being attached to any stuffed animal as a child.  But, it seems life goes on only when her giraffe is around.

everywhere i see

giraffes are inspiring me

to seek adventure


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  1. A haiku! And you said you needed to learn how to write one. I’d say you’re beyond learning. 🙂 Well done!

    • Had to try several times before I got it down. Mahalo for the kind complement. ☺️

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