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I is for Illusion

When visiting California, I like to spend some time admiring the buildings – apartments, hotels or homes.  They are usually made out of concrete covered with stucco, which is a sharp contract to those normally found in Hilo. I am always impressed with the large entrances, tiles, windows, wrought iron balconies/railings, and a courtyard with a water feature.


Well, what do you know, here in Hilo, our downtown United States Post Office has quite an impressive façade.  The Mediterranean Renaissance Revival architectural style from the 1900s influenced the design of this building.  I love standing in the courtyard listening to the water trickle through the fountain.  The tiles have aged since it was built, but since it is has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places, I think it will continue to be maintained for many more years to come.

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  1. Nice…a piece of the renaissance in Hawaii! Too cool, like your take on this one!

  2. adaftscotslass says

    I love the sky is the first image! Great blog, nice theme. Enjoy the rest of the Challenge

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