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H is for Hats

I love hats. They are, by far, my favorite weekend accessory. I like to think I have the head and face to pull off wearing them, but the reality is, putting one on is easier than having to style my uncooperative hair. Fashionable or lazy? I’ll admit, maybe a little of both.

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    • There were a few hair-challenged days among those pictures. Luckily, hats are awesome.

    • claireannette1 says

      You look great in hats! I love wearing hats and have quite a collection.
      I’m enjoying your a-z posts.

  1. You look adorable in hats!
    Me…not so much. I love them, but think I look goofy. My husband refuses to give an opinion when I ask him-in a fit of unrealistic optimism that one will look all right- how it looks. He stonewalls and refuses to say anything. He’s learned the hard way there’s no right answer to that question! lol!

    • I love it! Your husband is a very smart man. Diplomacy is definitely a marital skill to be learned sooner than later. 🙂

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