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G is for Gelato

Cafeladeria 4D along Avenida Angamos Oeste at night.

Cafeladeria 4D along Avenida Angamos Oeste at night.

One of my favorite desserts is vanilla bean ice-cream.   However, when ever I visit Lima, Peru, I always indulge in a hefty serving of flavorful gelato made with local Peruvian fruits from Cafeladeria 4D.  It was by chance that I found this place with one of my classmates back in the days when I was studying abroad in Peru.  I remember the day we walked into Cafeladeria 4D it was a very warm summer.  We decided to follow the crowd down the street to the cafe.  At first I thought why would I want to go to a cafe and drink a warm beverage?  But, when I saw what was in store for me, I was in heaven.

During every visit to Cafeladeria 4D, regardless of time of the year, I have found delicious gelatos made from various local fruits as well as those made with rich decadent flavors that include chocolate.  There are so many flavors to choose from that one visit is not enough.  The portions are generous and while you ponder which flavor will satisfy your palate, the friendly staff will let you sample any one and every one of the gelatos in the glass case.


Colorful selection of flavorful gelato. Photo Credit: W. Wagan


A generous serving indeed.  Photo credit: W. Wagan.


When I lived in Peru, there was only one Cafeladeria 4D, and now, they have stores in various locations throughout the city.  I am not surprised that they have expanded.  I consider their gelatos to be the best and they do have other items to offer their patrons which include a variety of desserts and hot dishes.  They do  serve hot beverages, too.  With every visit to Lima, I try to make a point to go to Cafeladeria 4D even if it is for a short visit.

I cannot wait for my next trip.  I think I’ll take a barquillo (cone) with chirimoya (cherimoya) and maracuya (passion fruit).


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