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F is for Ficus Benghalensis

What the heck is Ficus Benghalensis you ask?  It’s also known as the Indian Banyan Tree.  Luckily for me you can find it growing throughout Hawai’i Island.  I always wondered how these massive trees arrived in Hawai’i as it is not a native plant.  I did a bit of digging to learn more.

Along our Banyan Drive in Hilo, where all the major hotels are located, you will find these large trees lined along the road.  About eighty years ago the Hilo Parks Commission had these trees planted by celebrities, politicians, athletes and even religious leaders.  Today, when you walk past these trees you can see a plaque with the individual’s name and the year it was planted.

Banyan Tree

These large Banyan trees always take my breath away.  Sitting under one of these massive trees, you feel very tiny and protected with all of its exposed branches.  Sometimes, when we hangout along Banyan Drive, it feels so peaceful and tranquil to be there.  When the wind blows, the leaves brush together creating a soothing sound.  For some reason, just being there can be calming and relaxing.  Often, after losing myself in this space, I will walk away having collected my thoughts ready to tackle on the next project.

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  1. Shayne says

    That looks so cool! It sort of reminds me of the trees in the movie Hook.

    • We had one of these in our yard and we had to dig it out. I heard the roots are two times longer than their branches. I was afraid it was going to uproot my home. 😳

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    • Aloha Cristina! Glad you enjoy our blog. Especially if it is lowering your blood pressure. 😉

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