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D is for Dim Sum

I am told that you can find at least one Chinese restaurant in every country.  I am not sure if that statement is true, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a huge Chinatown in Lima, Peru.  During our outing in downtown Lima, we headed for Chinatown, also known as Barrio Chino.  I had the onos for some yummy dim sum.  Welcoming us as we walked into the Wa Lok chifa (term used for a restaurant only heard in Peru) was a clear glass case that housed a few of their tantalizing dishes.  Though my traveling companions preferred the sweet treats, I steered in the direction of these tiny appetizers.

Dim Sum

After an hour of feasting, I was completely satisfied and thankful to have found a few dishes that I recognized.  There are many Chinese restaurants on O’ahu that serve dim sum, and are usually crowded on Sundays.  The fun part about the dim sum eating experience is having the food pushed on carts brought to your table.  Usually the dishes are served in steaming bamboo baskets.  In our small town of Hilo we do not have any restaurants that allow us to indulge our cravings for these treats.  So, we must patiently wait to visit O’ahu (another island) or have to make them ourselves.

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  1. Kathryn says

    Oh, I love Chinese food. Thankfully we have several good options close by.

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