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B is for Books

While my dear friend, Rogene, is a Capricious Traveler, I tend to enjoy planning and learning as much as I can about the country I will be visiting.  Although I lose track of time perusing through travel books, I don’t always retain everything I read.  Hence, I often can be found carrying one of these guides, as they have come in handy especially when I cannot speak the host country’s language.  I think it’s so important to know the basic greetings and phrases when going to another country.  I love how these guide books are like the traveler’s CliffsNotes so everything you might need can be found in there.

Greek Vocabulary

Though I don’t normally carry my travel book when I am actually visiting landmarks while abroad, during my visit to Greece with one of my friends the travel book became our bible.  Since we were stranded and didn’t have much with us, it helped us as we navigated from island to island.  I guess now with modern technology travel books might be obsolete as more and more folks are using their smartphones and tablets to help them on their journey abroad.

But, I guess I am still old fashion and I love to hold a map in my hands when I am exploring my new surroundings.  I like knowing my bearings so I don’t get lost too much on my journey.

map and passport

BSince I don’t have much time on my hands to go on a journey, I will have to just be content losing myself and wandering about exploring a new place through my travel books.

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  1. Sukanya Ramanujan says

    I guess these days there are many mobile apps but a small travel book is still vital I feel.

    • Hmm, yes quite true. I guess I still enjoy holding a book, but I am sure the mobile apps must be more update with information.

  2. I love that the Holoholo Wahines love to travel!!!! Following your blog is giving me new places to explore…and sadly for the books, replacing my travel books!

    • Yes, traveling is so much fun. Especially when you are exploring a new place. Hoping we will be able to do a group road trip in the near future. But schedules always conflict for large outings.

  3. Stephanie Scott says

    i also prefer a paper map. On my last trip my phone wasn’t always getting a connection to see online maps so the paper maps really helped. And for as much pre-planning as I did, it was very helpful to go to the tourism office and talk to someone in person about tours and activities.

    • Ahh…yes, it would be a problem if the smartphone was not charged. I think I got tired of worrying about having the correct converters and adapters. I did plug in my small radio once into an outlet on one of my overseas trips and that was a huge disaster.

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